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List of Top Best E Wallets in the World

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You may perhaps be interested to adopt modern technology in your business. Businesses have gone digital with their payment options with e-wallets applications. You may be interested to know the best e wallets in the world. In recent times, there have emerged several e-wallet app development firms offering security, increased speed and reduced cash payments. A good number of companies prefer digital payment and transaction processing, with easy availability of custom app development services.

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List of e wallets

1. Amazon Pay

Amazon pay E Wallets

Established in 2007, this popular online e-wallet company is an Amazon subsidiary. Users are offered the opportunity to win gifts and cashback offers. Users across the globe prefer Amazon Pay to make payments for shopping goods and services through the Amazon portal. To promote its business, it uses Amazon’s consumer crowd and blockchain app development. This digital wallet is accessible only by registering an Amazon account.

2. PayTM

Paytm wallet E Wallets

Established in 2010, this online wallet company is popularly used by over 7 million Indians to carry out regular transactions. Registered users can get access to 11 languages. You can make easy payments on shopping on a wide range of portals, recharges, train/flight ticket bookings, bill payments, etc. It generates revenues through paid promotions and advertisements. It enjoys total revenue of about US $120 million.

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3. Google Pay

Google Pay logo

Established in 2015, it is one of the best e wallets in the world to make Android device-based payments. It is a secure and much faster way to make payments. You can enjoy simplified checkout across Google, web and apps. But you need to use an Android phone, tablet or watch to make in-store payments. Some benefits offered are multiple security layers, easy information management, utility bill payments, an audio-based QR system to send/receive money, etc. You can also enjoy multiple payment options, view transaction history and easy API integration. It offers rewards and cashback offers.

4. Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay E Wallets

Next in the list of e wallets to check out is Facebook Pay. You can use its partner apps, namely, Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp to make quick and secure payments. You can enjoy benefits like enhanced data security, anti-fraud detection, customer support through Live chat and email, etc. It also offers a secure payment account by introducing verification techniques like fingerprint, pin and facial recognition. You can receive in-app transaction notifications along with access to payment history using multiple apps.

5. PayPal

Paypal E Wallets

This online wallet does not need any special introduction. Established in 1998, it is among the most dominant and preferred digital wallets present. It is accessed in over 200 countries across the globe and boasts of 250+ million users. You can enjoy much faster, easier and secure checkouts. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It also supports approximately 25 currencies currently. Some benefits derived are a single PayPal account to shop locally/globally, 180-day buyer protection, one-touch checkouts without re-entering your login details. The other salient features are seller protection, fraud prevention, transaction monitoring, easy conflict resolution and seamless checkout. It also enables payment tracking, professional invoice creation, free return shipping, faster payment using personalized links and email payment requests.

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6. Zelle

Zelle E wallet

This is a secure, reliable, fast and easy to access US-based online wallet. You can send money to anyone from your bank accounts. It can also be used to pay restaurant bills. You just need to register and include the recipient’s US phone number or email address to receive, send or request payments. It can be accessed on both iOS and Android platforms. A few benefits include improved customer engagement, real-time P2P transactions and reduction in expenses.


The best e wallets in the world stand for convenience and comfort when making online payments. It eliminates intermediaries, thereby reducing transaction costs and frauds.

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