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List Of Best Bitcoins Apps In The US

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The craze for bitcoin and its investment model is not going to end soon. Launched in 2009, Bitcoin still steals the limelight. It offers a better and huge return on investment. Bitcoins became an instant hit amongst investors due to their decentralized finance model. This means there are no middlemen involved in your transaction. Middlemen here is your bank or the regulatory authority governing your day-to-day transactions. Today, the total market capitalization of bitcoin stands at $2.23 trillion.

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How to buy a bitcoin?

This is a prominent question in the mind of every investor. You have funds in your bank account. You have a complete and thorough understanding of the market and its fluctuation. You are not afraid about how these fluctuations may affect your investments. But how exactly do you buy and trade bitcoins

How to buy a bitcoin Best Bitcoins Apps

Here comes the important role of having mobile-based or web-based applications. Today, there are many investment platforms available. These platforms offer a fair idea of market trends, forecast on price hikes and dips. Yet another important factor is the comparative analysis. These applications offer foresight or speculative study on possible return on investments. In order to have a secured account you need a security tokens for an extra layer of protection.

What are the features of the best bitcoin app?

Yes, indeed, downloading an application is not going to be a costly affair. All you must do is choose the application on Android or iOS and click on the Download option. Deciding the best application that suits your needs is a tough decision. There are many parameters to consider before selecting the Download option. Let us now look at some essential features of any bitcoin application –

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User friendly:

Now, not all are tech-savvy. We do understand our limitations. Keeping this in mind, it is important to choose a user-friendly application. The application needs to understand your preference, provide you with the solution at ease. Also, you must be able to toggle between many pages with the click of a button. If you are a beginner here, then the advice would be to pick a user-friendly app.


this is a limitation. There is a certain application that is not permissible for use in certain states within the US. Hence, educate yourself before choosing an application. Make sure the application shortlisted is safe and complies with all US regulations.

Let us explore applications for trading –


Most popular and preferred application amongst investors. The primary feature attracting major investors is the advantage of trading with USD. You can buy bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin on this platform. Yet another advantage of using Coinbase is the welcome bonus. Yes, there is an instant credit of $10 as a joining bonus. Below listed are a few pros that attract users to Coinbase –

  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide selection of coins and tokens, many investment options
  • Secured and trusted provider

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One of the first exchanges allowing public trading. This application allows users commission-free trading. Other than bitcoins, Voyager also supports buying and selling of other major cryptocurrencies. For every $100 traded in bitcoin, there is an extra credit of $25 added to your wallet.


  • Better interest rates compared to peers
  • The trading structure is free of commission
  • User friendly and easy to use


One-stop solution if you are looking for trading many assets. Besides bitcoins, uphold allows trading of other coins and tokens. This includes Ethereum, XRP, etc. Some certain tokens and coins allow you to trade in pairs. One Uphold account sorts this issue for you.

Pros of using Uphold for crypto transaction

  • Easy to understand
  • The pricing structure is transparent
  • Trade many assets from a single platform
  • Accessible as both web and mobile-based application


This is a unique platform that allows its users to lend and sell their bitcoins. You earn interest by lending bitcoins in your wallet. Hold your tokens in the wallet and let them earn interest for you. Maintain a $25 deposit in your account for a specified period and earn up to a $250 bonus.

Let us also look at the pros of using BlockFi for trading

  • There is no commission and fees
  • Application is regulated and complies with laws as per the US.
  • You can also earn interest for your deposits making it an easy attraction.
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