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Here’s What You Probably Didn’t Know About Business Loans

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There are inevitably times when a business needs to borrow some money to grow. For example, it might require investment in new machinery or equipment, or perhaps to pay for new premises to expand its operations and grow faster.

In some ways, the process of borrowing money for a business is similar to taking out a personal loan. However, it’s worth keeping in mind there are some differences and also specific facts you need to know before you even begin researching the best business loans:

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Lenders Assess Each Applicant’s Creditworthiness

Did you know that some lenders don’t just review a company’s financial performance but also that of its owners? That’s because some loans might require guarantees from company owners in case the business becomes bankrupt or closes before the load gets paid.

With that in mind, you should ensure that all company owners have good credit ratings and scores. It’s worth researching credit score ranges and determining where yours lie and that of any other owners.

You Don’t Have to Go to Your Bank

Some people wrongly assume they must approach the bank that provides banking facilities for their business. The truth is, you can approach any business lender and apply for a loan, just as you would for a personal loan.

Often, you will find such lenders offer better rates and favorable terms than your own bank, even if your business bank account has always been in good standing. Some business loans from non-bank lenders can even get arranged online without any in-person interaction.

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Some Business Loans Are Unsecured

When significantly large loans get requested by businesses, lenders may wish to secure those loans against collateral like property. It’s worth noting that some business loans don’t need such backup security and can get offered on an unsecured basis.

Unsecured Business Loans

Smaller loans, such as four or five-figure sums, may not need any guarantees providing the business and its owners are in good financial standing. They can also be quicker and easier to arrange than secured loans, especially where property gets concerned.

You Don’t Always Need to See Lenders in Person

There was once a time when business leaders needed to dress well and portray a professional image during appointments with bank managers. It was only when bank managers were suitably impressed did they offer applicants loans or a line of credit.

Things are different nowadays. Most applications begin electronically and then get forwarded to the lending department of a bank or financial institution. Sometimes, lenders may telephone business owners to ask a few questions if they require clarification.

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Afterward, lenders will either approve or decline the application. Lending processes are much more streamlined nowadays and seldom require any in-person visits from loan applicants.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that many businesses – even large ones – sometimes need extra funding to grow. If they can’t raise the money they need from investors, it makes sense for them to borrow it externally.

Now that you’re aware of how certain business loan elements work, you can make a more informed choice for your needs.

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