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Home Money From Desktop to Mobile: The Transformation of the Casino Industry

From Desktop to Mobile: The Transformation of the Casino Industry

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In the last decade, the casino industry has undergone a myriad of changes. It used to be so that playing a couple of rounds online was only worth the time when played on a desktop PC; the mobile experience didn’t compare.

But now that smartphones are so affordable and have the capacity to handle complex apps at the speed of lightning, we’re seeing a complete paradigm shift. All of a sudden, mobile devices are king when it comes to entertainment, and it all boils down to a single contributing factor…

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Portability equals convenience

Nowadays, carrying a smartphone in your pocket is almost self-explanatory. Anywhere you go, it’s such a lifesaver – you can use it to call a taxi, check your bank account, watch multimedia content, and even do some work online. In essence, all of the things you could do with a PC, possibly even to a greater extent thanks to the app diversity.

Even though modern laptops are almost as light as a feather, who would go through the trouble of carrying one around if a smartphone will do? As you can see, convenience is the underlying theme of many people’s decisionmaking process and it all has its roots in consumer psychology.

From Desktop to Mobile: The Transformation of the Casino Industry

Thanks to smartphones, the world is at the palm of your hand.

The casino industry was forced to adapt

Given that around half the online traffic now comes from mobile devices, the casino industry was left with no other choice but to tailor its offerings to mobile users. Prior to that, things used to be slow to load and minimalistic at best to be in alignment with the computing power of older mobile devices. But in the recent times, even an average smartphone has sufficient computing power to handle almost anything you throw at it.

The developers were forced to adapt to that fact and optimize the content to appeal to the largest number of people possible. This means fast loading times, jaw-dropping special effects, and air-tight security for payment processing, among other things. To get a feel for what a modern online casino can offer in terms of experience, you could fire up this Leo vegas roulette and see it has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a desktop casino game. In other words, apart from different screen sizes these apps need to account for, the content is virtually indistinguishable when you compare the desktop and mobile variants of the same game.

Reducing the steps it takes to fire up the casino

In the spirit of convenience, the casino industry went to great lengths to reduce the number of steps necessary for someone to jump on the bandwagon and play. As you’ll notice with modern online casinos, you don’t even need to download a separate app anymore – it all takes place inside the browser. This means no more waiting around for the app to download and less junk to clog your hard drive with.

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On top of that, the look of the typical online casino has been adjusted to sit well with most screen sizes. Instead of having to find your way through a maze of menus and options, it can all be done with just a tap or two. At the same time, all of the functionality remains the same; it’s just more accessible and user-friendly. As it should be when talking about the expectations of a typical smartphone user.


The mobile versions of most modern casino games are at least as good (if not better) than what you’d find in a desktop environment. For example, the button sizes will adapt to match the size of your screen and the graphics will adapt to the smartphone you’re using to ensure a spotless experience at all times. Since there is nothing to install, now is the time to tap into this endless well of entertainment if you haven’t already!

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