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5 Passive Income Ideas to Boost Your Wealth in 2021

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Smart investors know how to make their money work for them. That being so, it’s possible for these investors to continuously earn money, no matter what they are putting their money into. 

Even as an average investor, your money should be earning interest and returns while you are engaged in daily activities. “Passive income” refers to revenue streams that keep coming in even while you are not working. 

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Investing to build a passive income may be a smart financial strategy that can help ensure your long-term financial security. It can also help you meet your ongoing needs with less labor investment. 

Typically, the wealthy invest in order to have robust passive incomes, but any investor can work toward this goal. Below, we will discuss five passive income ideas that you can put into practice in 2021.  

Advantages to Investing for a Passive Income

passive income investments

It may seem obvious that investors want to make more money. But certain passive income investments are available for use as income. These are types of investments that buyers choose for many reasons.

Common reasons for pursuing a passive income include:

  • Working toward early retirement
  • Reducing dependence on labor-based income
  • Affording your lifestyle with fewer work hours
  • Relocating to another city or country
  • Increasing your rate of wealth building

Many people invest in ways that are technically passive income but are ineffectual. For instance, certificate of deposit accounts, savings accounts, and money market accounts all provide passive income.

However, these investments tend to fall behind inflation rates over time. They are not powerful passive income investments. Many knowledgeable investors consider these types of accounts to be inflation-protection rather than forms of passive income. 

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Effective Passive Income Ideas

If investing for a passive income sounds like an excellent way to meet your financial goals, read on. There are innumerable ways to build passive income and increase your holdings. Here, we will focus on five. 

1. Stock and Fund Investments

Investing in mutual funds, stocks, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is one of the most common forms of wealth accumulation. When you buy a share of one of these investments, you earn dividends each quarter. 

As it is with all investments, diversifying your portfolio is crucial. ETFs are an excellent way to ensure that you do not overinvest in a single company or industry. Some ETFs are designed to focus on stocks with higher returns. 

Stocks, EFTs, and mutual funds offer high liquidity and low cash requirements for investment. This makes them an obvious choice for developing a passive income. 

2. Bonds

Most bonds pay a certain amount in interest until they “mature.” Once a bond has matured, you are repaid for your principal investment. 

There are corporate and government bonds. Government bonds often provide tax incentives for investors. Most bonds offer buyers a lower risk than other types of assets.  

However, lower-risk investments tend to provide lower returns. Low-risk bond investments can be good for those planning to retire soon. 

3. Private Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Private REITs usually invest in commercial real estate projects. These alternative investment assets provide lower levels of liquidity. 

Alternative investments, like private REITs, are an excellent source of passive income for those who can afford to lock in funds for several years. While this type of investment was traditionally only available to high-net-worth individuals, that is changing. 

According to moneydoneright.com, recent digital platforms are opening opportunities for these investments to average buyers. For instance, Yieldstreet offers alternative investment opportunities to average investors.

These revolutionary platforms allow most people to invest in a wide range of portfolios. If you have the means, private REITs can be a great way to increase equity and build a passive income. 

4. Public Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real estate investments are an excellent way to develop passive income. Publicly traded REITs are available through common brokerage accounts.

This type of investment is volatile but also offers the potential for substantial returns. Public REITs are required to pay out 90% of their profits in dividends. Public REITs usually fluctuate in accord with the traditional markets.  

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5. Property Investment

Investing in rental properties is a reliable way to build passive income. Rental properties allow you to increase your monetary revenue without selling any assets. 

Also, property investment allows you to hold assets that appreciate over time. Rent prices will adjust with inflation, which provides you with another level of financial protection. 

The downside of purchasing rental properties is that your investment is very illiquid. It can be expensive and labor-intensive to cash out your investment.

Growing Your Passive Income in 2021

These five tips are not exhaustive. There are many ways to reliably build a passive income and increase your net worth over time. Both traditional and alternative investments are useful in attaining this goal.

Some investments involve more risk, and others are more stable. Still, almost any investor can work toward the goal of building a passive income. 

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