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Microsoft Can Terminate Its Merger With Activision, A Federal Judge Says

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Microsoft is now free to move forward with its merger with Activision, a significant video game producer, according to a decision by a federal judge. The decision follows months of legal review and consideration about the potential effects of the merger on market competition in the gambling sector.

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If the deal goes through, Microsoft would acquire Activision and its lineup of well-known video game titles, which includes Candy Crush Saga, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty. The transaction, which is anticipated to be worth billions of dollars, would greatly increase Microsoft’s market share in the gaming industry.

Microsoft has long had a desire to grow its gaming business, as shown by its prior purchases of companies like Bethesda and Mojang. The business views gaming as a significant growth market and a means of expanding its customer base beyond that of its customary software and hardware offerings.

Now that the merger has been approved, Microsoft may use Activision’s sizable game library and development know-how to further solidify its position in the gaming industry. In order to provide its members even more value, the business has already made hints about its ambitions to incorporate Activision’s games and properties into its Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

The judge’s decision is a big step forward for Microsoft even though other regulatory and shareholder approvals must still be obtained for the merger. If everything goes as planned, the merger might be completed in the upcoming months, constituting a significant accomplishment for Microsoft and the gaming sector as a whole.


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In its decision on Tuesday, the court gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) did not offer enough proof to establish that the combined corporation would have an incentive to keep “Call of Duty” available only on Microsoft-owned platforms like Xbox. Eight points mentioned by Corley strengthened Microsoft’s defense. One of these is the possibility for Microsoft to increase revenue by making “Call of Duty” available across the widest range of platforms. By increasing the game’s accessibility, Microsoft can reach a bigger audience and boost its revenue. This decision recognizes Microsoft’s commercial strategy and the financial gains associated with extending the game’s platform compatibility.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), according to a statement of opinion, has not discovered any evidence to disprove Microsoft’s public promise to make Call of Duty available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. This claim was made despite the fact that agency solicitors performed 30 depositions and had access to roughly a million company papers. According to the ruling, Microsoft’s licensing agreements demonstrate that the arrangement has held up well to public scrutiny.

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Bottom Line

Finally, a federal judge has given Microsoft permission to move forward with its acquisition of Activision. This choice sets the way for Microsoft to grow its gaming business and establish itself as a dominant force in the sector. If the merger goes through, it might have a significant impact on both consumers and the gaming industry.

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