Top Growing Digital Marketing Startups

Digital marketing becomes a famous topic to be discussed today. Many business owners want to use this marketing type for promoting their products or services on the market these...
Top Growing Digital Marketing Startups

Digital marketing becomes a famous topic to be discussed today. Many business owners want to use this marketing type for promoting their products or services on the market these days. The marketing landscape is changing very rapidly these days. Digital marketing becomes an effective way to boost business performance effectively. Because of this reason, many startup companies are trying to offer the best solution for their customers in today’s marketing world. Here are some popular startups that focus their businesses in the digital marketing industry.



1. BounceX

If we are talking about digital marketing startup, we should consider this as our top priority. This is a marketing platform that allows you to identify, segment, and also market your products to anonymous users on your website. You will be able to boost the conversion rate effectively when using this application. One of the most popular features of this platform is its unique consumer ID graph. This system will use cookie-less technology, in order to unlock marketing opportunities for retailers and brands. You can set up the behavioral triggers and also buying intent indicators on the platform, so you can increase the conversion rate effectively.

2. StackAdapt

StackAdapts is another popular startup company in the digital marketing industry. It is based in Toronto. This startup company can provide a native advertising solution for any agency and brand. It has a programmatic advertising platform that can boost overall sales performance effectively. Its dynamic retargeting system and unique “Conversion Journey” tool can give you all the details that you require, so you can check on all the information from your prospects easily. If you are looking for the best platform with accurate conversion data, you should consider using the platform from StackAdapt. StackAdapt also supports some different types of programmatic advertising programs, including content widgets and also custom content.


3. Influential

This new startup company focuses its business on helping all people grow their businesses quickly. It has the latest AI-powered influencer technology on its platform. This artificial intelligence system can help you select the right audience for promoting your products and services. This system works by selecting the right targeting criteria by doing the best influencer marketing efforts. Its machine learning and predictive analytics tools are very useful to help you create the best marketing campaign based on your customers’ needs. You can also use this platform for finding the most promising influencers for any of your potential marketing campaigns.

4. Outreach

This platform is specially created to help you build a good connection with all of your customers effectively. It is a marketing platform that can be used to boost your customer engagement rate and improve your revenue significantly. This platform has a customer engagement platform that can be integrated with any conventional CRMs, such as SalesForce, and any other marketing automation tools. This excellent platform can be used to boost the best performance of both the marketing and sales departments in your business. Its platform can help you optimize your overall customer lifecycle, in order to boost the maximum revenue and client satisfaction effectively.


5. Segment

If you want to market your products or services on the Internet, you should never forget about this platform. This is a new startup company that is working in the digital marketing industry. You can capture data from any different resources easily when using this Segment’s platform. You can share your data with other marketing automation platforms and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools that are available on the market. You can use this platform for customizing your marketing campaign and also segmenting all audiences accordingly. The segment is an open-source platform that can be customized based on your needs. You can simplify the data collection by using the best platform from Segment.

6. Sizmek

This is another popular marketing and advertising platform that is available on the market. This platform is going to use it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered system. When you use this platform, you will be able to decide when you are going to spend your advertising budget by getting maximum ROI (return on investment). By using this platform, you will be able to understand when and where you are able to deploy the best advertisements on the Internet. You can also deploy complex multichannel marketing campaigns while tracking all results in real-time.


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