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Home Marketing The Top 8 B2B Customer Marketing Trends in 2017

The Top 8 B2B Customer Marketing Trends in 2017

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Customer marketing, as defined by Influitive, is a set of activities that “are designed to drive attention, loyalty, advocacy, growth and community participation for current customers.”

Because of the advent of new digital platforms over the past decade, the way people interact with each other has reached new heights, and at the same time, the way customers engage with the brands they have ever been having drastically changed as well. And as such, giving more focus on customer marketing has also become a priority of many companies in the past several years.

As 2017 runs its course, new changes and developments are being uncovered in the world of customer marketing. As one of the most important tasks to ensure the top line growth of the business, it is only imperative for marketers to keep up with the latest trends that can affect their position in the market, more specifically, their relationship with their current customers.


To sum up, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Digital Marketing Philippines which discuss the top eight trends that are bound to shape the world of customer marketing in 2017. Knowing these trends will allow you to adjust your customer marketing strategy, making you more competitive in your niche this year and forward.

  1. A higher importance of testimonials.
  2. More focus on customer user groups or events.
  3. Interactive newsletters.
  4. Advocate marketing.
  5. Online customer community interaction.
  6. Customer satisfaction systems.
  7. Cross-sell/ upsell campaigns.
  8. Referral programs.

Based on the points given above, it is safe to say that customer marketing is heading towards an era that fully embraces digital platform and tools such as social media and satisfaction systems.


To learn more about this topic, check out the infographic below.

The Top 8 B2B Customer Marketing Trends in 2017

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The Top 8 B2B Customer Marketing Trends in 2017Jomer B. Gregorio is a professional and specialist in integrated digital marketing and holistic SEO. He is the founder of Digital Marketing Philippines and CJG Digital Marketing. If you need an effective and high-performing digital campaigns for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact him today!

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