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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Home Marketing Three Tips to Help you Kick Start Your Instagram marketing account

Three Tips to Help you Kick Start Your Instagram marketing account

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It is quite evident that Instagram is no longer restricted to personal needs! Today, Instagram is much more than a social media networking website where you post photographs. Instead, this is a place where a person can flaunt their skills, showcase services and advertise products to people around the world. Most of the time, Instagram users are more than just active. They are often engaged in this social media page. According to a recent study, 40% of its active users tend to visit their page and browse through profiles multiple times on a daily basis. This means Instagram marketing should be your next goal if you want to increase the fame and glory of your website.



Instagram can help you exhaustively with brand awareness. If you want to launch a new product or service, make use of a business Instagram account. Remember, more than 80% of Instagram users are looking for brands that would satisfy their needs. When you rely on Instagram, you will be able to pull together an organic marketing strategy. This means you don’t need to hard-sell your products to potential customers.

Now, let’s get started on a step by step guide to help you with Instagram marketing

The Account!

create an Instagram account for Instagram marketing

First things first, you must create an Instagram account for your business. Be very careful with the business email you use to register in this application. Always use your business email address for the purpose. Also, the email must not be linked to your personal Instagram or Facebook account.

When you key in account details, ensure that your business details are entered. This way, your customers will recognize your business easily. After all, the name you enter will be displayed all the time in the profile. If this is not the name of your business, it ruins the entire purpose of starting an Instagram business account.


Optimize the Account!

optimize Instagram account profile picture

Just like every other search engine optimization technique, your Instagram account needs to be optimized. Begin with a good profile picture. Indeed, the profile picture can tell a thousand stories to your customers. The profile picture must sync with your business, and if possible with its official logo. Remember, customers will remember your profile picture for a very long time. And, it would be unwise to change the picture often. This is why your first profile picture in your Instagram business account should be chosen with great care.


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