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Home Marketing Surefire Ways to Expand Your Business Reach

Surefire Ways to Expand Your Business Reach

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The growth of your business is dependent on expanding the number of potential customers you can reach. Sure, a small subset of your current audience repeat business with you, but you need to keep new customers coming, as well. To have a steady flow of new customers, you need to expand your business reach. Here are surefire ways to do it online and offline.



Identify your current and potential audience

Get to know the customers you already have. Talk to them and ask for their feedback. Learn the products or services they often purchase from you and why they constantly do business with you. More importantly, figure out what will make them buy or pay for even more products or services.

Once you have gotten to know your existing clients, you have to identify your target audience next and decide who you will be targeting. Ask yourself if you are aiming for a new audience based on the characteristics and needs of your current ones, or if you want to go for an entirely new type of customers. Figure out what they really want and need, and not just what you think they would want or need. Conduct a market research, and think of how your product or service will solve their problems.

Make the most of I.T. and Social Media

Surefire Ways to Expand Your Business Reach

The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool in this generation. If your company has an awesome website brimming with relevant and valuable content, clients and potential clients will surely view your brand in an extremely positive light. Utilize SEO strategies to generate traffic with minimal client acquisition cost. Write blogs and guest blogs to set your business up as a reliable expert in your industry.


Be sociable and responsive in your social media accounts, and fill your pages with shareable content. Use social media platforms to network and reach new customers through friends, former coworkers, and regular clients. Use these platforms to advertise, as well. Maximize your online PR by being on all social media sites available, and not just sticking with the popular platforms.

You should also target a niche and take advantage of niche-focused listings. While social media lets you reach a wide generic audience, niche marketing allows a more specific and targeted approach, which always yields higher conversion rates. Always strive to make your business relevant to your niche audience.

Advertise offline

Surefire Ways to Expand Your Business Reach


The internet may be the most powerful marketing platform nowadays, but the traditional methods remain relevant in expanding your business reach. Print advertising and local media, including ads in newspapers, magazines, radio and on TV, are extremely wide-reaching. If your niche includes older people, advertising offline is necessary.


Get in touch with a trustworthy signage supplier to make large print ads and signage for your business. You can set up these ads and signage in strategic locations, and bring them on events your business will host or attend.

Come up with unconventional marketing strategies. For a more personal approach, you can even send snail mail to highly selected clients.

Expanding your reach means networking to the extreme. This is the best time to try out new things and explore new territories. Leave your comfort zone and go as far as you can from it. As they say, it is a beautiful place, but nothing – especially your business – ever grows there.

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