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How to Develop the Right SEO Strategy for Your Business

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Every website needs SEO, and that’s a fact. Most businesses acknowledge its importance, but often fail to implement the right strategy that drives results. The SEO needs of a company will depend on various factors. But, there are best practices that apply regardless of the goals, size of the business, and available resources. The best Seattle SEO companies know that in order to succeed in a highly competitive endeavor, you need to begin with the right steps that will create a solid strategy.

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The best SEO companies’ secret in implementing a solid strategy

Understanding the basic concepts of SEO isn’t hard. But, the process itself does get a bit complicated down the line. Over the years, SEO has evolved significantly and there’s more to it than meets the eye. SEO experts will tell you that there’s not one way to achieve results. Most professionals do take the time to monitor their progress and adjust techniques accordingly. SEO is dynamic and time-consuming. But, when done right, it has many impressive benefits. Let’s outline how you can build excellent SEO strategies 2021 using these simple steps.

1. Choosing the right keywords. The foundation of SEO is knowing which keywords to use. What your content should aim for, is providing solutions that meet your target market’s needs. Nowadays, Google’s focus is on ranking results based on the customer’s intent. Hence, while short keywords also work, it’s better to use long-tail keywords that will help rank your site higher. A good practice you can adapt is using an SEO keyword research tool. Most, if not all, of the best SEO companies rely on these tools to refine their keyword search.

Keyword Research Right keywords

2. Content should be high-quality and natural. Another essential aspect of SEO is fetching backlinks. And to achieve your goals, you need to focus on content quality. Not only should your content appeal to the audience, but it should also be engaging to a point where users are encouraged to share and comment. Good SEO content should inform, educate, and provide value to the reader. Also, keywords should be used naturally. Most importantly, don’t resort to using shady practices to try and increase website ranking. These unsavory methods may get you short-term results, but will not drive long-term success.

3. Use page titles to optimize SEO. Every part of your website should be SEO-friendly. In addition to actual content such as blog posts and videos, webpage titles should also engage your target audience. If you always consider how the user will benefit from the page they’re visiting, then you can come up with page titles that will enhance your SEO strategy.

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4. Look for additional keyword placement. After reviewing the content you’ve created, the next step, according to the best Seattle SEO companies, is to look for other places where you can naturally put keywords. For example, in a blog post that highlights the benefits of marketing automation, try to identify headlines or sentences where you can include keywords such as identifying customers or converting customers.

5. Improve website user experience. Google is putting more emphasis on user experience when it comes to website rankings. Therefore, a faster website will likely rank higher than a slow site. Another essential consideration is whether your website is optimized for mobile use. So, apart from monitoring website performance, you also need to work closely with a website developer that will ensure that your site is fast, mobile-friendly, and intuitive.

6. Hire an SEO expert. As earlier mentioned, the basics of SEO is easy enough even for a non-marketing expert to understand. But honing the skills and implementing the right strategies that will drive long-term results is a different matter. That’s why, SEO companies today offer a range of services that will suit various needs and budgets. For example, if you can’t hire a full-service SEO agency, you can begin by hiring a freelance SEO expert to help with critical tasks.

Being smart when implementing an effective SEO strategy requires diligence. Although there is a basic formula to success, there are many variations to choose from depending on your needs and goals. These simple steps should help jumpstart your strategy, but you can also include additional techniques and experiment with new methods.

Additional practices that best SEO companies for a more effective strategy

Now that 2021 is fast approaching, here are additional techniques that will help improve your SEO strategy for the year ahead.

1. Make room for regular SEO audits. The importance of monitoring performance is vital for SEO. Without conducting a regular audit, you won’t know what’s working and what needs adjustment. The good thing is, you can use a tool to automate the audit. These tools have features that will make visualization and data interpretation more efficient.

2. Don’t be afraid to update or try new strategies. The SEO strategy you implement shouldn’t be permanent. Anytime during the review process, you need to consider making changes if it will prove beneficial in the long run. Of course, these decisions should be data-driven and based on the goals you’ve set for the company.

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3. Focus on incorporating more video content. Marketing with video content is a trend that will continue in 2021. More users today prefer to engage with video content than ordinary text. If your strategy mostly includes creating blog content, perhaps now is the best time to start incorporating video in your strategy.

Along with these three best practices, additional SEO trends to consider include mobile-friendly pages, fast website speed, and voice search.

Key takeaways

The goal of SEO goes beyond getting a high ranking. One of the key things to consider when implementing a strategy is to ensure that your content aims to help answer the user’s needs. When you out your target audience first, the rest will follow.

The best Seattle SEO companies can use a variety of techniques to drive results. But ultimately, it is the company or client that decides and steers the campaign to the intended direction. Digital marketing is constantly evolving. A solid strategy now, may not be applicable months down the line. But if you focus on the basic principles, you can get it right even on the first try.

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