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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Home Marketing Email Marketing: Running a Successful Campaign for Best Results

Email Marketing: Running a Successful Campaign for Best Results

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When running your business, it pays to promote it online. With more people looking up answers to their questions online, it makes sense to launch a website where potential clients can find and contact you for your services.

Several businesses, from restaurants to biohazard cleanup, ask the help of search engine optimization companies to improve their online visibility. Others rely on social media to get their target audience to notice them. But what about email?



Email can help drive your marketing campaign

Although the number of social media and messaging app users is growing, that doesn’t mean email isn’t going away soon. Email is still a free, easy, and accessible tool used for communication.

Email marketing also delivers a massive return on investment (ROI). According to a study by the Data & Marketing Association, a well-planned email marketing strategy provides an average return of $32 for every $1 spent. Combine email marketing with your other promotional strategies, and you can grow your business.

email marketing campaign

Starting your email marketing campaign

What should you do to start an email marketing campaign and ensures its success? Here’s a handy guide:

Step 1: Form your goals

Think of what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign. Align your goals with your organization’s broader key performance indicators.

Step 2: Build your email list

Make sure you have enough permission from your existing clients to add their addresses to your email list. When building a list from scratch, come up with a valuable incentive to get potential subscribers to join. You can offer:

  • Engaging content
  • Discounts
  • Free or express shipping


Step 3: Find the type of campaign you want to send

The kind of marketing campaign depends on the goals you established. You can send out:

  • Newsletters: Give updates to your existing customers by sending them the latest news about your organization.


  • Marketing offers: Showcase your latest products or offer special promotions to your products or services.


  • Announcement: Let customers know about new products, features, or services.


  • Event invitation: Spread awareness about your event and encourage customers to attend.

Creating your campaign

Creating email marketing campaign


Whether you opt for in-house or outsourced marketing tools, these fundamentals help you achieve the best results for your email marketing campaign:

  • Make your campaigns easy to read: Use the inverted pyramid model by placing a concise headline and an introduction that covers the essentials.


  • Personalize your campaigns: Add your readers’ names in the subject line and customize campaign content based on your list segments.


  • Ensure consistent branding: Make sure your email marketing campaign matches your brand’s colors, logos, and copy.


  • Make your campaigns mobile-friendly: Optimize your email campaigns across all devices to make it easy for subscribers to convert.


  • Time your campaigns: Follow a promotional and editorial calendar so you avoid waiting too long between sends or flooding your subscribers with content. Email marketing experts recommend a three- to a five-day window before sending another email.


  • Avoid the spam folder: Don’t use words like “free,” “money,” and “help” on the subject line to avoid triggering email spam filters.

Email campaign marketing is a powerful tool for driving sales and revenue for your business. By combining a well-organized campaign along with your other promotions, you can get unparalleled results.

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