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Can Student Marketing Drive Greater Loyalty and ROI?

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In a word: YES! Generation Z is the true digital generation. Born between 1995 and 2010, they have not known a world without smartphones and the internet. Approximately 235,000,000 students are in this generation. Thirty-seven million of them are now in high school in western countries. The oldest edge of Gen Z has graduated from college, and the youngest is entering middle school.

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Gen Zers are more likely to shop by brands and develop a sense of identity with brands they contact. Personalizing offers that are specific to them entices them to bond with that brand. And those bonds are not easily broken.

To make the most of student marketing to create strong brand loyalty and reap the greatest return on interest, a company must know who they are marketing to. They must know how to promote their brand within Gen Z’s social circles and prevent offers from being abused. Companies need to verify students’ status and eligibility.

Know The Audience

To make the most of student marketing, a company needs to understand who Gen Zers are likely to be, what they do, and how they are to behave. Although Gen Z has some commonalities with Millennials, they also have some distinct differences.

Know The Audience Student marketing

While both generations seek to find meaningful purpose and global causes, Gen Z is also more independent, communicative, and goal-oriented. They are not interested in generic experiences or products. They are individuals in every sense of the word, so individualizing and personalizing products and experiences is a must.

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Know Their Causes

Gen Z is also more social and more dependent on technology. With their need for human connection, Gen Zers prefer to learn about brands directly from their companies. They will visit a brand’s website, check out what the company’s values are, and opt-in more quickly with companies that match their global causes.

Know Their Platforms

Gen Z is about streaming. Avid gamers and music lovers, this generation love to be entertained. But don’t confuse that wish to be entertained with being gullible. Gen Zers will research if a brand “keeps it real.” When advertising on TikTok and Instagram, companies must be sure they are presenting authentic, transparent brand images. Do this, and Gen Zers quickly opt-in and tend to stay loyal.

Marketing by email may not be the best way to reach them. They prefer live and interactive. By maintaining a consistent and visual presence on the platforms they spend the most time on and allowing real-time interaction, Gen Z will advertise the brands they love for the companies through an organic and potentially global word-of-mouth campaign.

Remember, too, that this can be a two-edged sword. Companies and brands need to make sure they are straightforward and candid about their values and cultures. They do not like to be taken as fools.

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Verify and Connect

Companies do need to protect their bottom line. Student verification software assists brands with personalizing discounts and services marketed to the correct demographic.

Many of these customers are still minors and probably don’t have credit scores. Making sure they are eligible to receive student discounts can be a challenge. Identity marketing can be verified with just the student’s name, school name, and current enrollment date.


Student verification software can also help companies connect with students during critical times of their educational journeys. From back-to-school discounts to personalized graduation services and every holiday and milestone in between, student identity marketing can drive brand loyalty and increase ROI with the security both the customer and company desire.

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