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Home Marketing Best Ways to Increase Sales and Lead generation

Best Ways to Increase Sales and Lead generation

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Do you want to improve lead generation & sales leads to enhance business profitability? Generation traffic to your site is just half the battle won. You need to spend a good amount of time focusing hard to increase traffic. But, without effective calls-to-actions, compelling offers & convincing lead generation campaigns, attracting quality traffic can be tough.

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Proven ways to increase sales leads

Proven ways to increase sales leads

  • Be precise about your offers: Your Call-to-action (CTA) should include being clear on what offers to make. In case, you plan to host a free webinar, then mention, “Register on XYZ to avail our Free Webinar”. Here, XYZ should very clearly convey the benefits offered. It will derive more effective results than mentioning ‘Get Free Article’ or ‘Download Now’.
  • Improve CTA positioning: When used at a viewable space on the webpage, it can be accessed by your potential audience without scrolling down.

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  • Use colors to contrast with website color scheme: Blend CTA excessively with site design will not work. Contrasting colors can help your site to be noticed easily.
  • Use text as well as images: Relevant images when used can help your webpage to get noticed. It will also convey the meaning of your offers.
  • Hyperlink CTA to corresponding Landing Page: Without proper links, your visitors will have a tough time identifying your offers and may give up. Make sure to link all your CTAs to corresponding landing pages. This helps increase sales leads & revenue.
  • Include CTAs to every blog post: Choose proper offer relevant to the generated blog post. CTA is to be included at the post bottom and link it to the landing page.
  • Place CTAs on relevant pages: If you offer a variety of services or products, you should generate relevant offers. CTAs need to be placed linking every offer published on the site.
  • Improve Form positioning: Place the form above the fold to avoid unnecessary viewer confusion with regards to what is expected on this page.
  • Match Landing Page Headline to corresponding CTA: On both landing page headline & CTA, maintain consistent messaging. You will lose their trust instantly if your landing page with an offer comes with a catch.
  • Emphasize benefits: Your offers should be displayed clearly along with its specifications & benefits. This will help improve lead generation.
  • Eliminate Navigation & Links to maintain better Focus: You can get crucial contact information once the prospect gets to your landing page. Avoid using links unnecessarily as it may distract your audience from providing a lead.

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  • Generate ‘Thank You Page’ to increase sales leads on your site. Doing this will allow you to provide navigation & other links to engage the lead. CTA can be provided in the buying cycle’s next stage. You can request them to follow Twitter, blog, subscribe to newsletters, etc.
  • Include links back to the site: Measuring success achieved lead nurturing emails through unsubscribe rate alone can be tough. Hence, you should include links back to your website to test variations.
  • Easy to scan & concise text: No one will be interested to go through long paragraphs in their email. It should be brief similar to your landing pages having valuable information, guide steps or tips in bullet points. Also should be included a link back to the site to derive more information.
  • Come up with an attractive Subject Line: This is crucial to improve lead generation. Otherwise, no one can be expected to check your email. Do mention clearly the benefits offered.

Following the above ways can help you to increase sales leads & subsequent sales & revenue for your business!

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