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Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Guarantee Success

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It could be that you own a restaurant or plan to start one very soon. Whatever be it, to earn good revenue, you need to have good number of customers walking into your place every day. A jam-packed restaurant with hungry patrons is what is desired by all restaurant owners. Surveys have revealed that only 17% of all independent restaurants that open tend to fail during their initial year of launch. Remember, it is not easy to deal with restaurant management as it involves lots of things and hard work. The first five years of business is crucial. What your business requires is proper and well-developed restaurant marketing strategies.

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Top 5 creative restaurant marketing ideas to guarantee success

Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Guarantee Success

1. Develop Talk Trigger:

Remember, the age-old strategy of ‘Word of Mouth’ is still found to be effective to promote all businesses including restaurants. This effective marketing strategy does not require any investment. Great things do happen if your customers find satisfactory services at your place and get passionate just like you. This will help bring in new customers. A talk trigger can help spread the word of your opening the business or launching a new item. You may also offer a free meal to winners of some contests. This is an effective marketing for restaurants. Remember, people love to win free food and love the excitement attached to it.

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2. Promote top selling items:

Check out your POS figure and identify all the top-selling items. Promote these items aggressively. Avoid promoting those with a low food cost margin or that you like. Rather, try to promote those that are loved by the public. Your ‘greatest hit’ is sure to compel people to come back for more. This marketing strategy for restaurants also helps you to spend less and get more customer traffic. Take superior quality images of all the best-selling items. A professional photographer is likely to do a lot of difference to the pictures and make it compelling. No food lover will be able to resist what you are offering.

3. Invite food bloggers & Critics to visit your place:

This is indeed an amazing restaurant marketing strategy that you should use to promote your business. People these days, desire to have a fun-filled dining experience and not just food. They should have something to brag about to their friends as well as post images on different social media platforms. Hence, follow foodie influencers, food critics or simply go through food reviews put up in local publications.

4. Promote SEO & Content Marketing:

Your restaurant business does require a functional and well-designed website. People should be able to pull up your business in almost every device they use. You need to promote your business in the leading search engines like Google. Your restaurant marketing ideas should involve SEO and content marketing strategies. Do mention your business hours, the menu offered, contact details, address, etc.

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5. YouTube cooking show:

People prefer to watch videos rather than go through long texts. Moreover, videos convey the message quite easily, thus making YouTube to be among the favorite marketing for restaurants. Year-over-year, there is noticed a sharp increase in food channel subscription growth by about 280% it also comes with low entry barrier and can help drive serious traffic. You can take the help of professionals to create videos of your favorite dish preparation and put it on YouTube. Giving access to your customers of behind the scenes is sure to compel them to visit your restaurant at least once.

Following the above marketing strategy for restaurants will help you to develop your business and earn big.

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