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6 Mobile Marketing Trends You Need to Know

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Mobile marketing has managed to revolve very rapidly when compared to other industries. Mobile technologies and consumer habits have been changing quite fast. To earn favors of mobile users, businesses are required to be ahead in the competition. With some research, you can get to know the latest mobile marketing trends.

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Top Mobile Marketing Trends 2021

Top Mobile Marketing Trends 2021

1. User-generated content:

It is considered to an impactful marketing that is still in trend. Content relevant to your niche brand like video, audio, images and text that are created and posted online voluntarily by users. It is more trustworthy based on unpaid, real-life opinions. It can also act as a double-edged sword. Positive UGC can help create valuable word of mouth to enhance brand trust and drive sales. But negative content will simply ruin customer perception about your brand, thereby damaging trust. Some examples related to user-generated content are:

       1. Content posted on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

       2. Customer reviews on various forums including Reddit, Yelp, etc.

       3. Blogs

2. Conversational Chatbots:

They respond to questions posed by customers and mimics human interaction. It is done by combining AI (Artificial Intelligence) with pre-programmed scripts. They may make or even cancel reservations, answer questions, place orders, conduct surveys, etc. They also enable entrepreneurs to learn about their customers with constant interaction. Moreover, they help increase engagement and future marketing opportunities. They can improve customer satisfaction by providing round the clock service, thereby reducing support staff, thereby saving time and money. They also can provide FAQS by compiling data from previous customer exchanges.

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3. Mobile Commerce Growth:

The fact is m-commerce or mobile commerce scope has only increased significantly. With tablets and mobile phones enjoying greater popularity, m-commerce is only expected to occupy the lion’s share of web marketing strategies. This is one of the latest mobile marketing trends that should be given more importance and focus. Consumers are more interested to shop online. Hence, your site should be mobile optimized. Covid-19 has only compelled people to refrain from visiting malls and opt for online shopping sources. This mobile trend when capitalized upon can help eliminate all barriers to provide amazing online shopping to your customers.

4. Augmented Reality:

VR (Virtual Reality) was considered to be the future innovation concerning video gaming. AR (Augmented Reality) has adopted the VR concept. With the introduction of 5G technology, the opportunities to increase AR adoption can be noticed for online or in-store uses. Using AR, customers can ‘try’ things before making the final purchase. They can simulate product usage right at their home.

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5. Location-based mobile ads:

They intend to serve consumers on the move with location-focused ads. It is assumed that by 2023 end, targeted mobile ad spending is likely to surpass $32 billion in the U.S. Location-targeted ads are quite effective to cut through marketing noise. They can deliver offers to meet customers’ needs at an appropriate time. Using Bluetooth technology it is possible to determine the right place and time to serve ads. This, in turn, increases customer engagement. As you come across your target audience within your location’s specified radius, they can be encouraged to check personalized ads

6. 5G:

It is considered to be the latest technology to be introduced in broadband cellular networks. Marketers can now offer their customers with engaging data-heavy experiences something not available before due to limited speed and bandwidth. With customers adopting the latest 5G technology devices, marketers can come up with strategies to exploit its abilities. With 5G, there is noticed increased bandwidth thereby enabling 4k streaming video and HD VR experiences besides high speed data delivery.

Getting to know the latest mobile marketing trends will allow you to be ahead in competition.

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