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Home Marketing 5 Subtle E-Commerce Tactics to Try Today

5 Subtle E-Commerce Tactics to Try Today

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Online retailers exist in a competitive space. SEO tactics and marketing strategies play a significant role in boosting your rankings with the search engines and driving traffic to your site. However, once your customer lands on your page, are you doing all you can to increase conversion? Have you thought about your on-page strategy and how you can improve it to increase sales? Here are 5 subtle e-commerce tactics to add to your site, test them and grow your order book.



1. Show Trust Badges

Online shoppers can’t walk into your store and meet you face-to-face, so you need to convince them that you are a retailer they can trust. Trust is the foundation of forming a sales relationship with your prospect. Failing to provide a trustworthy platform will send your prospective customer elsewhere to make their purchase.

Add trust badges on every product page and during your check out process. A visual trust element soothes the purchase anxiety in your customer and helps them validate their purchase. Make sure your site has an SSL certificate and display the logos and badges of software that keeps your site secure.


2. Create Urgency

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, plays on a prospective customer’s mind, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing at that moment. You can take advantage of this emotional response by offering your prospect discounts for a limited period, or while stocks last. If your customer thinks that they may miss out on a special price, or a limited product, they’ll have greater incentive to purchase.

3. Upsell and Cross-Sell

A prospective buyer that lands on your sales page will have specific intent to make a product purchase. They know what they’re looking for, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be interested in other items that you have on offer.


Install software that up-sells and cross-sells products relating to the purchase. An up-sell allows your customer to choose between their initial product, or something of superior quality, at a higher price point.

Cross-selling shows your customer other related products to what they are purchasing. For example, if your customer buys a TV, upsell them by showing them a slightly more expensive model. Offer them cross-selling suggestions such as a new games console or speaker system to accompany their new TV.

4. Request a Social Share on Order Confirmations

Once your customer has completed their checkout, prompt them to share your site and your products before they leave your page. Add a social sharing button to your checkout page that links to their social accounts. All your customer needs to do is click the button, to share their retail experience with their followers


For example, if your client purchased a TV from your store, ask them to share a pre-planned message such as, “I just received an amazing deal from xyz.com, check out their online store for amazing discounts!” This message does not divulge what the customer bought; the intention is to provide social proof that your company is legitimate and offers real value to your customers.

5. The Power of Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a forgotten marketing tactic which produces incredible results. Find a thank you card design and a classy mailer on www.inspiredmailers.com and drop it into your customer’s order. When the customer receives their purchase, they’ll find the personalized thank you card alongside their product. This kind of customized touch triggers buyer’s emotion and enhances the credibility of your brand. This tactic boosts brand loyalty, increasing the chances that your customer will return to your site for their next online purchase.

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