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4 Marketing Strategies For Emerging Pet eCommerce Businesses

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The pet industry is thriving. As a modern-day entrepreneur with a popular eCommerce store, there has never been a better opportunity to take advantage of the pet industry’s latest trends. Just process the following facts. According to the 2019-2020 national pet owners survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 67% of US households own a pet. That’s approximately 85 million families. The community of pet owners has been progressing at a constant rate for the last 30+ years. Consequently, the total sales affiliated to the pet market have been steadily increasing as well, as the pet industry expenditure in the US is ready to reach a staggering $99 billion in 2020.

With such intense competition among the online retailers of pet food, care, and supplies, how can you leave your mark and make a well-known brand out of your eCommerce store? Well, as an eCommerce entrepreneur, you’ve probably already learned a ton about how marketing is crucial when developing an emerging eCommerce business, and the booming pet industry makes no exception. Like all other niche businesses, pet eCommerce websites have their own set of marketing strategies, content techniques, and a range of niche-related business decisions that can benefit and grow their business. 

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Even if your products are outstanding and superior compared to your biggest competitors’ products, you can’t survive in the business without an effective and longlasting marketing strategy. Since pet eCommerce stores are a distinctive and unique category, know that a simple cookie-cutter marketing plan won’t get the job done, and you risk that nobody will learn about what you’re offering. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of the top four marketing strategies for your emerging pet eCommerce store.

Grow Your eCommerce Revenue With Social Media 

Your pet eCommerce business can’t survive a day in today’s age without an active presence on different social media platforms. In today’s age, every business needs to be using social media for marketing purposes, but brands that sell pet products have an unfair advantage on their side when it comes to this strategy. Why? Well, because people love to see posts associated with pets on social media.

Social media content related to pets will increase people’s chances of following your account and engaging with your posts. Higher engagement rates will ultimately boost your brand awareness and translate it to higher conversions on your eCommerce site.

4 Marketing Strategies For Emerging Pet eCommerce Businesses

Utilize your social media accounts to help customers, both new and returning, learn about your new products to benefit them in different ways. Try targeting the customers who are stuck at home with their pets and are trying to work. How can you keep that dog engaged, occupied, active, and even behaved? Utilize social media to promote these kinds of products, for the reasons mentioned above, and stay relevant. Your social media content should encompass learning about the products and its multiple applications. 

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Besides, product discovery remains to increase on social media. According to a study by Curalate, 82% of consumers said they had discovered a product they were interested in buying on social media. Social media marketing is vital to any emerging pet eCommerce business.

Paid Ads On Social Media 

Unfortunately, it isn’t straightforward these days to spread your business’s content organically on social media because Facebook and other media platform’s algorithms make it more challenging for companies unless they pay for it. 

It’s for the best to spend a couple of dollars on promoting your content on social media. In fact, costs per conversion and reach have steadily gone up over time, which speaks volumes about this marketing method and strategy’s effectiveness. 

If your pet eStore is active and has a marketing budget, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this ultra-efficient marketing strategy. Test the waters by putting just $10 behind a post with a substantial reach and engagement results organically, and watch the clicks, and sales come in. Paid ads on social media can be powerful, so the trade-off is certainly there and can be worth it.

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Email Marketing 

Email marketing is another crucial marketing strategy for pet eCommerce businesses that are locked in to maximize their revenue and are willing to differentiate themselves from numerous competitors. Once you navigate your clients from your different marketing channels onto your website or eCommerce platform, you can certainly encourage them to subscribe to your email list and even create an email newsletter that will drive sales further down the line if they don’t convert the first time around.

4 Marketing Strategies For Emerging Pet eCommerce Businesses

It doesn’t matter if the email subscriber is a past or future buyer, you can always educate your potential clients about your products via emails to stay engaged with them. Email subscription programs are profound marketing strategies that can build a community around your brand and lead to multiple sales down the line. From welcome posts to post-purchase messages, make sure that your email messages speak volumes about your brand and provide value to your client’s stage in the customer journey.

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Loyalty Is Golden 

One of the most significant advantages of selling products within the pet industry is that pet owners repeat purchases. A dog might wreck its toy and need a new one, and cats might run out of their litter and need a brand new bag. Due to the repeatable nature of the pet business, there is an exceptional opportunity to lure clients into using your eStore on multiple occasions through loyalty programs

You can develop a loyalty strategy and offer a VIP loyalty membership for shoppers to use or encourage pet owners to permit their pets to demolish their toys, document the process, and win some rewards or points within your shop. This is a highly effective marketing strategy that adds a sense of gamification to the whole process. 

4 Marketing Strategies For Emerging Pet eCommerce Businesses

Loyalty programs are very productive since they show your clients that you’re keen to give back. Your clients are more likely to continue spending their money in your eCommerce shop if they know that their acquisitions lead to points that they can use and other rewards.

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Final Words 

Pet owners are glad and willing to spend money on their beloved pets, providing you with a dazzling opportunity to market your pet eCommerce business in such a way that entices people to your store, generates sales, and keeps loyal customers coming back again and again for more. In this short article, we’ve looked at four profound marketing strategies that can go a long way to increase your eCommerce pet business’s success rate.

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  1. The pet industry is booming and I see a lot of people doing OK in the business. It seems like in such a competitive environment, it would be difficult to really blow the lid off of your site with explosive business. But with the right marketing, and a solid plan, it is doable. Based on the numbers and stats that you posted, it proves that there is room for not only many big players but also a wide variety of other sized sites as well. There is plenty of business to go around.

    I am surprised though, that you left out the most solid of marketing strategies that is more sustainable long term with a lower cost of acquisition for new buyers as well. Especially considering that there are fanatical groups all over the world based on each breed of dog and the different species of all of the types of pets. A content based community driven by our love and concern for creating a great life for our pets in conjunction with our own, over-runs any one of the strategies that you mention above by themselves. Paid ads work great until the minute that you stop paying. Educating your audience about your products only goes so far. No one likes to read ads or sales material. People read what interests them. there are many different human interest angles that an be taken that have nothing to do with selling a product but build authority and trust at the same time.

    Sites like Amazon had led many marketers to lose site of the various stages of the buyer journey and how to market to them. That ois there is only one stage of the journey on Amazon, the purchase. There is nothing social about amazon or informative. Amazon is about one thing and one thing only, closing the sale. Long term sustainability is not about closing the sale, it is about providing value to your user base, creating trust, authority and loyalty through helping them improve their quality of life and/or solving problems.

    The marketing strategies that you speak about all reference selling, educating them to sell better to them, enticing them to buy with sales material. That will only go so far. Depending on whether your product is a one and done or a recurring buy product, focusing only on the sale is a lot of wasted energy,
    When you are able to retain a buyers loyalty through low cost but extremely valuable content and they visit often enough to digest that content, getting the sale out of them becomes far easier and far less costly.

    With Facebook, sharing content with less and less of your followers every year, social media is and should be a tool but not the only one. Website content is evergreen. You pay to have it created, maybe a little bit of pr in the beginning and then it is the gift that keeps on giving via ongoing traffic year after year if it is relevant. Building up a content library means ranking for thousands of keyword phrases which in turn drives more organic traffic.

    When your only strategy is sales, your cost of acquisition skyrockets. Just look at the new seller failure rate on Amazon. It is awful because the focus is the purchase and very little is done to engage or extend any relationship. Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to contact buyers directly and will not share the mailing list but that is easily overcome when you focus your marketing off of Amazon. Sellers that do not market their products end up burning through their capital due to the unsustainable high cost of PPC and Amazons’ business killing practices.

    While I agree that the marketing strategies that you suggest are part of the big picture, none of them will alone create a great business and even together still give you no advantage over the bigger competitors or retailers for that matter. Tie them to a high quality, value added content librtary that provides info and valuable solutiions to users and you have a long term traffic machine that drives itself once it is large enough.


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