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3 Best Digital Marketing Practices To Boost Your Startup’s Growth

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So, your startup has quite an excellent lineup of products and services, and you’re confident you can grow it in no time. But just to put it out there, it’s not enough that you have something great to offer to your consumers. It greatly matters how you’ll get the word out and advertise your brand so your target audience can know you exist. The question is, how do you do that? Two words, one solution: digital marketing. 

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Best Digital Marketing Practices You Can Use 

There’s no question that anything digital is rapidly emerging these days. Marketing isn’t an exemption, which is why even advertising agencies like Birmingham Advertising Agency take advantage of this powerful tool to gain leverage. If you’re on the hunt for new techniques, or maybe you want to improve your current marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. 

Digital Marketing Practices Startup's Growth

For tips and ideas, the best digital marketing practices listed below can go a long way in boosting your startup’s growth if and when you’re able to utilize them well: 

1. Social Media Marketing 

Perhaps one of the most powerful digital marketing tools you can rely on is social media marketing. With consumers spending most of their time browsing through their accounts and networks, there’s no other better medium than social media to capture their interest. Moreover, it’s considerably low-cost, easy to understand, and has measurable results you can use for data analysis. 

The key is to choose which platform will help increase your exposure and customer awareness. This is where your customer persona comes in—since you need to know where they are and which social media tool they mostly use. Once you have that info, it’ll be easier to tailor your ads and create posts that appeal to your target consumers.  

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One helpful technique is to engage with your followers and clients through polls, comments, and reactions. Use social media tools like Onclusive’s social listening software to get data and mentions of your brand. You can also use live video streaming tools to launch new products and services. Moreover, it’s necessary to be consistent in publishing fresh and relevant content to help your customers address their day-to-day struggles. 

2. Email Marketing 

If you’re a bit low on budget but still want to utilize an efficient digital marketing practice, email marketing might be the one for you. Some startups think that ignoring email marketing won’t hurt their overall strategy, but that’s a common pitfall. This online marketing practice can boost your startup’s growth if you know how to use it well. 

Successful email marketing begins with engaging, attractive, and catchy email titles. Recipients are highly likely to open an email that has intriguing subject lines, and the moment they open it, you’re one step closer to your goal. Keep the message short and write using simple phrases that they can easily understand. Remember that you’re not writing to impress your readers. It would help if you had them respond to your click-to-action features.

Be clear with your message by telling straightaway how customers can benefit from your product or service. But don’t spam them with endless emails unless you want to drive them away for good. At least two to three emails per week should be good enough to keep them engaged and unbothered.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Not many startups explore search engine optimization (SEO) because they find it quite complicated. Although it can be intimidating, once you understand the ins and outs of this digital marketing practice, you’ll regret not utilizing it sooner. SEO is cost-effective and has the potential to yield promising results. Moreover, you can make your brand appear on the highest search engine ranks by getting organic traffic. And what do you get in return? More traffic, more leads, and possibly more sales.  

Starting a blog is an excellent way to jumpstart your SEO journey if you already have a website. Offer valuable and unique content that can help your visitors and customers. In addition, you can create how-to articles and other informative content to increase your organic reach, online presence, and authority.  

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To boost traffic to your website, make sure your page is user-friendly, and don’t forget to create a mobile version that allows for versatile browsing for your mobile user customers. Lastly, use high-quality photos and videos for your blogs and product listings to entice more views and extended visits.  

 Final Words 

Digital marketing has no way to go but up, and that’s all the more reason to invest in this strategy for your startup. You can use more practices and channels depending on your level of expertise, budget, and audience behavior. The key is to familiarize yourself with each method so you can assess which one will be more useful to your startup. Soon enough, you’ll be reaching more people and improving your brand’s online presence.  

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