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Marketing Strategies for Startup Companies: Innovative Ideas for 2023

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According to Finance Online, around 90% of startups fail, and about 22% fail due to marketing strategies problems. You might wonder why we are starting this article in a depressing light. Are we trying to discourage you? Do we want you to reevaluate your life choices and give up on having a startup? Instead, we want to answer this: How do I promote my startup business today?

In all honesty, building a career as an entrepreneur and founding a startup is difficult, especially with the current global economic situation. However, startups are considered the engine for economic growth in any country because of their progressive products and services.

So if you have the products or services that the market needs but aren’t generating the profit that will sustain and grow your business, there must be something wrong with the marketing. Today, we will discuss early program marketing methods, the current best marketing strategies for startups, and how translation services can assist in expanding your business internationally.

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Creative Ways to Market Your Business: Translation in Global Marketing

In a survey conducted by Mayple, they found that 78% of business participants have stated that they want to invest more in digital marketing. In comparison, about 19% said they’d like to cut back on traditional marketing. There are a lot of reasons why many businesses, especially startups, are moving away from what were believed to be “the best marketing strategies of all time.”

Two main reasons why startup digital marketing strategies have become appealing to many businesses are due to being cost-effective and data-driven. You can use tools to track impressions and get information on the demographic profile of your target users. It ensures that the content you’re generating is more personal, especially if you’re planning to connect with international users.

Bryan Patio is the SEO strategist of Tomedes, a translation services company that has assisted international startup companies to create a digital marketing strategy for their target markets. As someone with a long experience overseeing projects and campaigns related to global SEO and digital marketing, he explained that how you relay your brand’s message to your audience matters, especially if you’re introducing your company to a new market.

“If you’re making a purchase online and can’t relate to a product or service, you’re less likely to buy it. The same thing goes for your international customers. So the first step to ensuring your brand is relatable is studying your target market, the competitors, and potential customers. This includes looking into the user’s needs, the local marketing practices, and market gaps that are yet to be fulfilled by local competitors,” Patio said.

He further explained that Google generates results based on the language of your query. With 60% of the internet’s content in English, having your content translated and localized enables your brand to reach more users, especially those who are not native English speakers. However, only around 16% of the world’s population are English speakers. Some of them speak English as a second language. So if you’re planning to broaden your startup’s opportunities, the best route is to enter a market that your competitors most likely haven’t considered expanding into.”

Many studies have been conducted comparing marketing strategies for a startup business in various native languages versus a marketing plan for a startup that’s English-only. CSA Research reported that 76% of international users prefer reading the information in their mother tongue. It just goes to show how influential language is in consumers’ decision-making. Creating content and digital marketing strategy based on your users’ cultural backgrounds and linguistic preferences will help establish trust and credibility.

This is because personalized content is more appealing to consumers as it tailors around their preferences and provides a better customer experience, compared to marketing that’s a free-for-all. Personalized content focuses on their target user’s problems, needs, and wants, which makes it relatable and reliable. That’s why knowing the language and culture of your audience will help in creating content that’s accessible, easy to understand, and engaging.

7 Tips to Incorporate in Your Startup Digital Marketing Strategy to Reach a Global Audience

Tips to incorporate in your startup digital marketing strategies to reach a global audience

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry. Many AI tools are being used by digital marketers that assist in creating innovative marketing strategies that will facilitate your content creation process and enhance the user experience.

You need to have prior knowledge of your target market and create customer profiles to adapt content based on their preferences. We listed below some suggestions and tips from Patio on how to incorporate localization and translation services to find creative ways to market your business.

1. Localization and translation as per marketing efforts:

Creating content that’s tailored to your target market can enhance your user’s experience and make it easier for them to purchase your products or services. This can include adapting your website for the local market through language, currency, cultural preferences, and design. Several studies show how colors and visuals in content marketing are very effective in gaining users’ attention. You can also create landing pages for each country or region you are targeting.

2. Consider gamifications in your marketing strategy:

According to LXA Hub, gamification increases user engagement by 54%. It also increases buying clicks by 15%. When localizing your marketing efforts, maybe consider incorporating gamification based on your target customer’s preferences, such as contests, tweaking your website and app, and creating interactive experiences from your social media accounts to your site.

3. Create multilingual video campaigns:

Create a short, engaging video that showcases your product or service in a fun and memorable way and encourages your target audience to share it on social media. You can do this by partnering with local influencers to better connect with users. Also, you can be experimental in your approach to creating unique marketing strategies that can resonate with your users.

4. Offer customer support in their mother tongue:

Customer support is essential as it can strengthen or break your relationship with clients. To gain customer loyalty, you can offer multilingual customer support and exclusive perks and deals. CSA Research reported that 75% of respondents said they would be more likely to purchase from a brand again if customer support and care were in their native language.

5. Participate in international trade shows:

One of the best ways to get your brand across to other businesses is by joining international trade. You can also offer a free demo and provide discounts.

6. Host remote-based or virtual events:

This is considered one of the most interactive forms of online marketing for startups that you can do if you are unsure how to promote your startup business and broaden your audience. By hosting a virtual event, you can better connect with your audience and get direct information about your target audience. If you want to make your event more accessible, you can work with interpreters to make it more available in another language.

7. Implement targeted advertising:

Using Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, you can implement and develop startup marketing strategies based on the data you obtained. You can create advertising content targeting your target market from the information you gathered.


Startups have numerous innovative marketing strategies they can employ to extend their brand to the world. You might be starting small, but what’s important is that you are beginning to see the opportunity to expand into another market. Because here’s the thing, your competitors are most likely neglecting potential customers that are speaking another language. Making your business more available in other languages can help your startup enter new markets a lot quicker and more effectively.

Because despite what many people think, English isn’t the language of business. In today’s market, those who can better cater to a wider audience and accommodate their needs regardless of their cultural and linguistic background can overcome economic hurdles. With the right approach, startups can differentiate themselves freely through unconventional marketing ideas and establish themselves as leaders in their respective industries.

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