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Top 10 IT Infrastructure Tech Companies

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In the past few years, enterprise infrastructure for technology companies has changed significantly. The changes are quite dramatic when compared to the early days of computing. This is mainly because of digitalization. More and more businesses are being digitalized and in need of open-source and IT-based solutions. This is definitely changing the game for most organizations, and professionals. They need to operate while adapting to the different norms of technology.

A study that was published in the year 2018 revealed that more than 70 percent of the money spent will be on infrastructure. This is why the demand for improved capabilities in a breed of new infrastructure solutions is high. The new infrastructure solutions have to foster better levels of action, insight, and engagement. Nearly 45 percent of this anatomy should involve automation. Mainly because automation can bring down costs, improve performance, and eventually help businesses to scale.

With this being said, here are the top 10 IT infrastructure tech companies around the world.

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The List of Top 10 IT Infrastructure Tech companies

  • Barefoot Networks
  • A10 Networks
  • Cisco
  • CloudGenix
  • Docker
  • Cambium networks
  • CoreOS
  • Nutanix
  • StorageOS
  • VMWare

#1 Barefoot Networks

Barefoot Networks

Barefoot Networks is founded by Nick McKeown, he is a student from Stanford University. McKeown designed and developed a very fast switch chip. The role of this chip is to provide granular programming capabilities for networks.

#2 A10 Networks

A10 Networks IT infrastructure company

In the beginning, A10 Networks was all about selling load balancers. However, it’s operations have grown by leaps in the past few years. Currently, this IT infrastructure company focuses on security and performance issues. It is able to tackle the complexities, and infrastructure needs of both data centers and the cloud.

#3 Cisco


Cisco plays a crucial role in IT infrastructure. For decades, Cisco is being identified as a stalwart in the industry. They gaining popularity for predicting future trends. Cisco focuses on many crucial developments like security and SDN.

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#4 CloudGenix


CloudGenix’s key areas of focus would be software-defined WAN platforms. It builds solutions that offer a centralized plane that can be used to control WAN assets. Using these assets, CloudGenix allows administrators to prioritize and even identify applications high in traffic.

#5 Docker


The craze behind this container-centric solution is high. Docker is an open-source environment. It helps in automating applications, where software solutions are stored in small containers. Docker is extremely useful in handling deployments.

#6 Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks

Next in line would be the Cambium networks. This company specializes in offering wireless broadband solutions. Additionally, it takes care of backhaul too. These are essential tools for enabling the Internet of Things. The company proves to be extremely useful in much, challenging locations.

#7 CoreOS


When it comes to IT infrastructure Tech Companies with Kubernetes and Linux Distribution, CoreOS tops the list. The company is keen in container management stacks. Also, it has a management console that takes care of large scale, prioritized deployments in various infrastructures.

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#8 Nutanix


Nutanix is famous for its integrated computations capabilities, and storage solutions. These solutions are executed on servers, which make use of standard hypervisor technologies. The company is well versed in hyper-converged operation systems. Indeed, this infrastructure company belongs to the future.

#9 StorageOS


Another company that specializes in container-based solutions would be StorageOS. This company delivers solutions that can take care of development, testing, and eventual deployment. Most of the products from StorageOS are categorized under enterprise-class deliverables.

#10 VMWare


Finally, we have VMWare in the list of top 10 Infrastructure Tech companies. VMWare has a prudent role in this collection. It uses cloud and hypervisor platforms to meet the infrastructure needs of its customers. Currently, it has expanded its horizons to storage and virtual networks too.

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