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Top 10 Big Data Companies of 2020

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You may have heard about ‘Big Data’, but not aware of what it exactly means. It describes unstructured & structured data in large volumes. This data is used by other organizations for various purposes. However, data present in large amounts are not critical. Rather, it is how it is being used by Big Data Companies that make it critical.

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What is Big Data?

It is regarded as a complex & huge data set, in which conventional data processing applications find it inadequate to tackle them. Managing huge data volumes does come with several challenges like data sharing, data transfer, data analysis, store & capture, etc. Data analytics companies follow the 3V model in the form of ‘High Variety’, ‘High Velocity’ & ‘High Volume’.

Top 10 big data companies list

#1 Clairvoyant

Clairvoyant Big Data Company

Clairvoyant is among the top database management companies, with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It caters to Fortune 500 clients by providing superior quality services in various fields. It includes data analytics, big data, Artificial Intelligence, disruptive technologies, Machine Learning & Cloud.

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#2 Prolifics

Prolifics Big Data Company

This comes second in the list of Big Data Companies. It offers expertise in cloud, analytics, data, DevOps, quality assurance & digital business across multiple industries. It also offers expert consulting, managed services, and engineering. It was established four decades ago & offers data governance, data integration, data scanning, business analytics which dice, slice and engineer data, etc.

#3 IBM

IBM Big Data Company

Being among the top data analytics companies, this American company has its headquarters in New York. It is also considered to be the biggest vendor providing Big data-related services & products. It offers features like store data, analyzes data, and manages data.

#4 Xplenty

Xplenty Big Data Company

It ranks fourth among the top database management companies. It is regarded to be a cloud-based ELT, ETL & data integration platform to streamline data processing. You can have your data sources together and for data lake, you can create visualized simple data pipelines.

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#5 Teradata

Teradata Big Data Company

Established in 1974, this company has its head office at Dayton, Ohio. It is ranked among the top 10 big data companies list. This company offers analytic data platform, analytics application, consulting & marketing services. It boasts of the following products like Kylo, Integrated Data Warehouse, Data Mart Appliance & Aster Big Analytics Appliance.

#6 HP Enterprise

HP Enterprise Big Data Company

Micro Focus after acquiring HP Enterprise is among the top 10 Big Data Companies. It has managed to develop a strong portfolio with regards to Big Data products. Structured data in large volumes can be managed effectively by the Vertica Analytics Platform. It also boasts of having SQL Analytics & very fast query performance on Hadoop. When compared to other legacy systems, it assures 10-50x faster performance.

#7 SAP

SAP Big Data Company

Established in Waldorf, Germany in 1972, it is considered to be among the largest Big Data Companies. It also is among the leading enterprise application software provider, while being the top-ranked cloud company. It offers different types of Analytics Tool.

#8 Oracle

Oracle Big Data Company

Being among the top-ranked data analytics companies, this company provides fully integrated cloud applications. It is also a major player in Big Data and popular for its flagship database. It leverages big data benefits in the cloud and defines approach and data strategy with cloud & big data technology.

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#9 Microsoft

Microsoft Big Data Company

It is ranked among the big data companies list and was established in 1975 with its headquarters in Washington. It has a fast-developing & wide Big Data strategy and has partnered with Hortonworks. It offers the HDInsight tool.

#10 Amazon

Amazon Big Data Company

Established in 1994, its headquarters is in Washington and is among the popular database management companies to offer a cloud-based platform. Hadoop-based Elastic MapReduce is its main product along with Data products.

Having a comprehensive big data companies list will help you to know the leading companies in this domain.

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