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The UPS Store: Pros and Cons of a UPS Store Franchise

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Perhaps you are searching for viable & profitable franchise opportunities in your area to boost your career prospects. Before doing so, it will be necessary to undertake some research about the brand. This way, you can get to know the pros and cons of taking a franchisee in your area. Studying the market & customer purchase behavior will also let you know whether the franchisee will offer profits or not.

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About UPS Store Franchise

Mail Boxes Etc., established in 1980 became a popular brand in the United States & the world over. It soon became a leading alternative to the U.S. Postal Service including a leader in business service centers, printing & shipping.

United Parcel Service is popularly known to the mass as ‘UPS’. It is among those brands which have managed to become powerful in a particular industry. It then went on to dominate the other sectors. In 2001, Mail Boxes was taken over and this was followed with overnight re-branding in about 3,000 locations. With immediate effect, the UPS Store went on to become the best known & biggest name in the entire retail sector.

Thus was born the UPS Store with this corporate union. After three years, FedEx, its main rival in the private shipping industry had acquired Kinkos. The latter is regarded to be the leading brand in general business & printing services. Thus came up the brand Fedex/Kinkos, which got rebranded simply as FedEx Office. The two private shipping giants by now were in general business service, packaging, copying, printing & retail center space. The industry evolved as a whole with its revolutionary concept. The public now had access to two well-established brands offering superior quality services. Both the brands had raised the bar very high. Such was the effect that it had become quite challenging for national or local businesses to enter into a decent competition. This benefitted consumers immensely as they searched for these brands to shop for their desired products or services.

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Increasing franchise opportunities

Increasing franchise opportunities

Mail Boxes, Etc. & The UPS Store provides opportunities in over 75 countries across the globe. It also covers 4,400 locations. All franchisees of the brand UPS Store are entitled to provide a wide range of services & products to their local customers. These include packing & shipping, postal & Mailbox services, Finishing, Copying & Printing, Moving & Packaging Supplies. They also offer Business Services which includes office, notary & fax supplies. All aspiring entrepreneurs interested to take up a franchise from this brand need to be proficient in English. Also, it is mandatory for them to appear for the English proficiency exam to prove their knowledge in the language.

Being a globally recognized brand, customers are likely to be attracted to the franchisees as soon as it is opened up for business. But you need to be aware of the pros & cons of investing in a UPS Store Franchise.

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  • High overall ranking: The UPS store has been recently ranked in the #17 spot of Top 500 Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine. This magazine also has voted this brand as the #1 franchisee for 19 years at a stretch.
  • Advanced technology: The company’s franchising network system uses the latest & most innovative digital information systems. It enables franchisees to deliver 13+ million documents, packages & mail pieces every single day. This is combined with unequaled distribution & tracking abilities.


  • Questionable profitability: Reports state that to make $35,000 income annually, you need to show annual gross sales of about $365,000. This can be a bit tough task for many stores.

Doing some research & checking out the feasibility report, will help you to establish a profitable UPS Store Franchise.

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