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7 Types Of Market Research And How To Use Them

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If you own a business, you do know the importance of staying ahead of your competitors. Falling behind means losing out on opportunities and also less chances of survival! This is why you need to be aware of the different market research types available. A well-researched approach is sure to keep your ahead of the others. You need to adopt new methods and techniques and not bank on the old tired surveys.

Furthermore, the right market research will enable you to maintain a customer-centric approach by helping you to connect with your audience more effectively.

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7 Strategies to identify the target market

1. Campaign Effectiveness:

It has been designed to evaluate if advertising messages reaches the correct people to deliver desired results. Adopting successful effectiveness research will allow you to sell more, thereby reducing customer acquisition expenses. The fact is 5,000+ advertising messages are viewed by people every day. But attention being a scarce resource, this research can be used to ensure effective expenditure.

2. Brand Research:

It allows you to develop and manage the company’s identity or brand. It is rather the characteristics, narratives and images that are associated with. During every stage within the business lifecycle, it can be used, ranging from product development to re-branding and new launches. Under this category are 7 types, namely, Brand Awareness, Brand Advocacy, Brand Penetration, Brand Loyalty, Brand Positioning, Brand Perception and Brand Value.

Brand Research Market Research

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3. Consumer Insights:

It helps identify your customers and their desires. You also get to know why some customers’ behaviors are different. This way, you can leverage to meet set business goals. It is necessary to know about your customer. For this, you need to develop a proper brand strategy marketing plan. It allows you to personalize marketing efforts anticipate consumer needs, solve business challenges, spark innovation, etc.

4. Competitive Analysis:

You can use it to evaluate your competitor’s marketplace weaknesses and strengths. Thus, you can drive a competitive advantage. For an effective market and business plan, it is essential to undertake a competitive analysis. It is invaluable, irrespective of you getting started or entering any new market. The researcher is likely to use a few main competitors’ to analyze various aspects. It includes customer perception, marketing strategy, sales volume or revenue, etc.

5. Customer Segmentation Research:

This research aims towards dividing customers or markets to smaller personas or groups having similar characteristics. It enables target market. It will be essential to know how people behave in each category, thereby discovering how each one tends to impacts revenue! But not every customer is the same! Getting to know every specific personal will allow you to focus better. You can develop loyal relations, personalized marketing, forecast new services and product performance and price products effectively.

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6. Customer Satisfaction Research:

This market research helps measure customer experiences with services or products. It evaluates how they meet, fail or exceed their expectations. It does prove to be a powerful indictor concerning overall business performance and customer retention. Thorough research allows you to know your customer preferences, likes/dislikes and the need for further improvement. This brand strategy is adopted to check out product design and quality. Also is taken into account delivery timeliness, speed; service, staff reliability; friendliness, knowledge, value for money and market price. Surveys are a common way to measure satisfaction level of customers.

7. Product Development:

Conducting product development research involving using of customer knowledge. It helps improve or create an app, service, product and launch it in the market. Before launching any product or service will be essential as it helps reduce risks of the change or new product failure. Four stages are generally involved in this particular research, like conception, formation, introduction and improve the product constantly.

Find out the kind of challenges your business is faced with and select the type of advertising and research strategies.

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