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Malta Investment Programs in 2023

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There is no direct and quick way to become a citizen of Malta. Since 2020, according to the legislation, a resident must stay in this status for 12 or 36 months. However, it is possible to obtain the necessary status through significant investments.

Obtaining Malta citizenship by investment is possible after thorough checks and compliance with the applicant’s requirements. The starting amount of the deposit is 690 thousand euros. Along with the lead applicant, their immediate family members can be included in the application: husband or wife, children, parents, and the older generation.

Terms and requirements

The principal applicant must prove the legitimacy of the source of income, not have a criminal record, and not be under sanctions. In addition, if the foreigner has ever been denied a visa by the states on the list that have visa-free relations with Malta, the chances of a positive result are reduced. All of the applicant’s children can also qualify for special status if they meet the following conditions:

1. they are under 29 years of age;

2. being a dependent of the applicant;

3. are not married.

All of the applicant’s children, even from other marriages, are eligible. As for older relatives, there are only two requirements:

4. age over 55 years old;

5. be financially dependent on the applicant in whole or in large part.

An important nuance of this Malta citizenship by investment program is the limited number of annual applications that the Maltese authorities can approve.

Where to invest?

Three areas are available for investment:

1. NDSF – National and Social Development Foundation.

2. Cultural, sports, charitable or scientific nongovernmental organizations.

3. Buying or renting residential properties.

It should be noted that all three points are mandatory. The total amount of contributions will determine how soon it will be possible to obtain citizenship:

1. 600 to 750 thousand euros – 3 years:

2. Over 750 thousand euros – 1 year.

If a foreigner decides to rent a residential property, he should consider apartments from 12 thousand euros. The rental budget should be sufficient for 12 or 36 months, depending on the total investment. Purchase of real estate is possible from 700 thousand euros. After obtaining citizenship, it must be in possession of the investor for the next five years. At the end of the period, the object can be sold.

Where to invest malta investment programs

The path to citizenship

Immigrant Invest specialist Zlata Erlach advises contacting agencies that provide services to migrants to avoid mistakes and to save time and money. Such companies offer consultations and are engaged in the management of the client from the beginning to the receipt of the document. The algorithm for obtaining a passport consists of several stages:

1. Verification and risk assessment. At this stage, specialists check the candidate and assess their chances of getting the application approved. Possible options are offered.

2. Obtaining the confirmation of the absence of a criminal record.

3. Application for a residence permit. It includes the collection and translation of papers, the real estate contract, and the application.

4. Application for testing. All applicants from the age of 12 are required to be tested for all eligibility requirements within one year of obtaining a residence permit.

5. Ministerial approval.

6. After 12 to 36 months, an application for a passport is submitted.

7. Ministry approval.

8. Fulfilling the program’s conditions within four months: confirmation of Maltese address and investment.

9. Personal receipt of documents.

It is how the program is implemented with the help of which one can become a citizen of the republic.

Requirements and benefits of the Permanent Residency Program

The Malta Permanent Residence program is available to foreigners who are citizens of regions that are not members of the European Economic Community. By and large, the requirements for applicants are similar to the previous program. It must be a person over 18 with no criminal record. The absence of sanctions and visa refusals, availability of health care contracts, and confirmation of legal source of income are obligatory requirements for the applicants. In addition, it is necessary to have the property of 500 thousand euros and 150 thousand euros in assets, which can be quickly converted into cash.

Immediate family members may also be included in the c, as in the above scheme, under the same conditions and requirements. Fulfilling the conditions implies:

1. the purchase or lease of residential property;

2. payment of fees;

3. a charitable contribution to a local organization.

The program is granted for life, but every five years, it is necessary to renew the permit. Therefore, on average, applications for Malta golden visas are processed from four months to six months.

With the Permanent Residence Card, a foreigner can travel visa-free through the states of Europe. One can live and work in the republic and get an education and medical care in any European region.

How to get a Maltese residence permit?

Getting a residence permit in Malta is possible by investing in housing. Foreigners can buy or rent apartments. In addition, it is necessary to pay administrative fees.

Permanent residence in the republic is required, but there is a restriction. Staying in another country is allowed not more than 183 days per year. The investor is also obliged to pay taxes. The minimum rate applies to holders of a residence permit. Maltese investment programs have standard requirements for applicants: no criminal record, proof of income, etc. In addition, knowledge of one of the country’s official languages at the conversational level is added.

Relatives may also qualify for the permit. However, spouses, children, siblings, parents, and elders must be supported by or more dependent on the applicant.


Obtaining all the papers is quite a complicated process that requires special knowledge and thoroughness. Therefore, the most rational solution for foreigners is to seek help from specialized agencies. Of course, no one can guarantee a successful result because the host country’s authorities make the decision. However, professional handling of the client’s affairs increases his chances of a positive outcome.

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