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Making a Dating App: What You Need to Know

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We are living in a more technologically advanced world than you would normally assume. In a post-pandemic society, as we all try to resort back to the norms – it should be acknowledged that things have changed and so has the way everyone uses apps and their phone.

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It is understood that on-demand apps are on the rise and consumers are more comfortable with ordering food through a delivery app and or booking a taxi online. The same could be said about how we meet a potential partner. Going to the bar and asking someone out is old-school and finding a potential partner through a dating app is the norm now. And in the upcoming future, dating apps are going to be the default go-to-choice for relationships.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble along with countless others have been immensely successful in promoting the idea and have been download millions of times with thousands of monthly active users. The idea is simple enough and appealing to anyone. Think about it. Trying to find a partner? Want to know what they like? Would like to have a brief conversation beforehand? Want to figure out their music taste?

Dating apps are designed to answer these questions. There is a reason why Tinder generated over $1.6 billion in revenue just in 2021. If you are an entrepreneur and are looking to consult an Android app development company for a dating app – we recommend proceeding with the idea.

Keep reading as we discuss what it takes to create a dating app from scratch.

Research and Development (R&D)

A lot of people stepping into the ecosystem underestimate this phase of the entire process. More than the actual product, the way you research and segment your choices will define the entire outlook. Create a blueprint plan and improvise as you move along.

In this particular context – look at Bumble and Tinder and see how they differ from one another. Keep researching and see why Hinge outranks in some categories while failing to do so in others. You don’t need to necessarily copy themes but knowing what works and taking inspiration is always recommended.

And at this stage, market research plays an important role. See where your consumers are and the kind of expectations they have. Statistics show us that only 19% of users on the internet have an active account on a dating app.

However, here is the surprise – over 27% of users have reported using a dating app atleast once. And once we break down further details, figures show us that LGBTQ users are active more often and credit dating platforms for helping them find a partner. And there is no significant difference in races. All sorts of people have relied on dating apps.

What makes people sign-up? Why do they do it? Did they benefit? Are consumers comfortable with the idea? We would like to conclude with the following facts when it comes to using a dating app.

  • Everything is easier with the internet
  • You can find the right people (swipe anywhere)
  • It helps socially-anxious people

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Understanding the Mechanism of a Dating App

Understanding the Mechanism of a Dating App relationships

While the world moves towards digital transformation and relies more on big data and artificial intelligence along with other technologies, it is important to acknowledge how much mobile apps development in Houston is evolving and developers are more comfortable with creating an app that has a well-thought-out algorithm.

Knowing how to connect two people based on the details they input and taking the right amount of time with it takes more thought than you would assume. The location (GPS) and the probability that thousands of users are trying to connect with each other define how the app will function.

Ideally, the perfect app should be compatible with the way consumers define their tastes. You have access to a huge chunk of data. It would be a waste to not fully utilize it. We suggest you see everything users have connected to the dating app and see how each platform could help them in finding a compatible partner.

Security Matters

A lot of users refuse or hesitate to join a dating app or any other platform where they would require to input a lot of data due to security concerns. To make a comfortable environment – you will need to showcase that your app has gone through important security measures and is approved by certain certifications. Also, considering the prominent use of AR and VR these days – you can implement the technology and include a verification feature.

Fake profiles are a problem and including a verification feature is the perfect way to solve it. We suggest you include a simple photo verification along with end-to-end encryption when it comes to conversations.

Must-have Features in a Dating App

We compiled a list based on what the most popular dating apps (Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder) look like and how they have properly utilized certain features and aligned them with their brand. Here’s a quick look.

  • In-app conversation tool (video, Voice notes, messaging, media)
  • Photo verification
  • Undoing swipes
  • Ability to accept/decline requests
  • Profile setup
  • Push notifications

And a lot more. We have covered essential features of a dating app that you cannot miss at all. However, when it comes to additional features – the more, the better. To make your own app stand out and be different from rivals, you need to figure out what set of features could perfectly align with the vision you are trying to depict. Think and move ahead with a concrete plan.

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Technologies and Frameworks Required

Now, to make the workflow smooth and have a seamless journey – the kind of technologies and tools you equip a Flutter application development company or any other firm with matters a lot. Depending on how complex your project is and the total time it will require, here are a few suggestions from our end.

For database operations, SQL and Redis are the go-to tools. Meanwhile for programmers, Java or Swift works fine. To implement a payment gateway system – there is PayPal and Stripe. Lastly, on the web server side, AWS and Nginx.

See the kind of functions and features you are moving ahead with and then come towards the kind of tools your team would require.

Final Thoughts

Overall – there is an entire ecosystem for dating apps and more users are signing up every day. In the upcoming decade, we are going to see a series of waves in terms of emerging apps. It is better to take hold of the opportunities right now and understand what the industry demands and how you can align your business accordingly.

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