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Lystloc : A Real-time Pocket-friendly Field Force Management Solution For Your Growing Business

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Lystloc is innovative software that enables companies to manage their on-field workforce. These management tools include tracking location, monitoring, and managing the on-field workforce and daily activities. Of course, this software provides ease of use and accessibility for managers handling the on-field crew.

Easy-to-navigate UI and smoothness in software operation enable this to happen. As a result, the company’s customers have seen improvements in field force productivity and revenue growth. The software gives managers reliable data based on real-time location intelligence. Hence, managers can make the right field-related business decisions and develop better strategies and plans.

Moreover, the software has other diverse features like field attendance, route optimization, meeting check-in/out, customer details management, travel reimbursement, and many more necessary for a field employee. To make operations more manageable, the software also provides automated data insights of all the collected information in customized e-reports.

Hence, the software is an all-in-one solution for the various difficulties faced in managing the on-field workforce of an organization of any size. The app is wholly structured around cutting-edge technologies for speed, scalability, security, and cost-friendly features. Founded by Bharath Annamalai, the company was launched on February 7, 2017.

The company began its journey in Chennai, founded by the necessity of its parent company, which needed to measure the productivity of its on-field workforce. The company wanted to make decisions based on real-time location data rather than assumptions. And so, the vision was to develop an application that could solve location-based challenges and provide data insights for strategic and tactical planning.

Pocket-friendly field force management lystloc

At first, the software was created as a simple, mobile-friendly application for tracking employee attendance and meeting locations that could be used to solve location-based communication queries and productivity challenges. After witnessing the stellar results given by the product, thoughts emerged of improving it in a more advanced manner to help other organizations facing similar problems.

In its initial days, the company started with only three employees. Subsequently, the employees grew to be nearly 40+ in strength.

Origins of the company name:

 “The reason is our app is all about addressing and providing solutions for any location-based challenges faced by our customers. It deals with solutions based on locations, which is a list of locations and thus the name, Lystloc (List of Locations).”

Challenges to overcome:

“Like technically, the biggest challenge we faced was getting accurate locations from mobile phones. We had to write our AI algorithm to provide our customers with the most accurate location of the workforce. Though the client companies were ready to use our app, employees were worried about their privacy crashing. But we ensured them that Lystloc is fully secured and follows a great privacy policy.

The data shared in the app is secured with end-to-end encryption from the start and built with highly secure systems and architecture modules. Specifically, biometric authentication is highly reliable and secure. Lystloc is of particular utility to organizations where security is a primary concern. We easily retained our customers with all these and our app’s growing features. Above all, our reliable customer engagement and support made customer retention possible in the initial stage itself.”

Currently, the company has crossed 3500+ customers, with 500+ licenses worldwide. The company has experienced 50% MOM revenue growth. The software received the Expert’s Choice and Best Support badges from Software Suggest in 2021, featured in 101Best Delaware Internet Companies And Startups by Best Startup.


“We are working very hard on the goal of self-sustainability in terms of our operations and infrastructure cost in the next couple of months. The moment we achieve this target, the SaaS world will take a moment to look at us as one of the very few bootstrapped SaaS products that achieved that status. We look forward to growing in other continents by adding 1,00,000 users by Dec 2022. Aspiring to work consistently to make the product grow massively.”

The company’s loyal customers include Athenese-Dx, BPL, Blackbuck, Buy Happy Marketing, Wabag, and others. The company is one of India’s leading FFMS startups, proliferating and with a high sales-to-customer ratio.

Some excellent customer feedback:

“Lystloc allows us to focus on what really matters. We now know more about our business and spend less time managing it, helping us be a better company. I recommend Lystloc to any business that needs more insight into how their time is spent. I must say that this is the best tool for team management and comes in a simplified and easier version to use. I don’t have to stop my employees for work and ask them for reports; I just look at the dashboard of Lystloc, and that’s it.”

“Lystloc surprised me with its amazing results; the company’s productivity increased within 10 days of usage. I could track the on-field employee’s location comfortably anywhere at any time.”

“Lystloc is not just a “nice to have” product for organizations anymore. It is a “must-have” product now!”

Message to customers and viewers:

“Lystloc was founded with the motto of democratizing real-time location intelligence solutions for our customers in a high-quality, cost-effective, and customized way. We give Lystloc to our customers at a low cost with a simple interface and great user-friendly technology to make tracking work easier and more convenient from their desks.

We can better comprehend the necessity for software like Lystloc because many firms have transferred their office space to remote working due to the recent pandemic breakout.

Furthermore, in the post-lockdown era, enterprises will be able to deploy field force management apps like Lystloc in the following months and years due to the high adoption rate of the digital medium and faster developments in field workforce productivity.”

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