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Li Qiang: China Chooses A Supporter Of Xi Jinping As Premier

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Selection and the Addition of a New Figure Into the Chinese Government

There are some new persons entering the government of China. This article is going to be bout the selection and addition of new figures to the Chinese government. The person President Xi Jinping nominated to be the next premier of China has been officially chosen by congress.

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Former Shanghai Communist Party chief Li Qiang would then serve as the nation’s president in place of Li Keqiang, who is resigning.

At the National Congress of the People, the 63-year-old earned nearly all of the votes from the 2,900 delegates present.

Who is This New Person Entering the Government of the Superpower China?

He is regarded as a realist and will be charged with recovering China’s faltering economy. He is a close ally of Mr. Xi.

On Sunday, new cabinet appointments are anticipated to be made.

No reporters were permitted to enter the space while the rubber-stamp legislature of China cast votes. Mr. Xi’s vote was met with cheers.

Only three delegates opposed Mr. Li’s appointment, and eight abstained, giving him a total of 2,936 votes. He is now the second-highest-ranking figure in China’s political system.

He then took a vow, pledging to be loyal to China’s constitution and to “work diligently to construct a wealthy, powerful, democratic, cultured, peaceful and glorious modern socialist country”.

China chooses a supporter of Xi Jinping as premier Chinese Government

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He is a Close Associate of the President Xi.

When President Xi was the party chairman of Zhejiang province in the early 2000s, Mr. Li served as his chief of staff. Mr. Li was appointed Shanghai’s party secretary in 2017. He oversaw Shanghai’s rigorous lockdown during the epidemic, which made it difficult for some inhabitants to get nourishment and healthcare attention.

His selection follows Mr. Xi’s historic election to a third presidency on Friday.

As China reopens after the president’s brutal zero-Covid policy, which stoked anti-government riots, the presidency has become more secure. The nation’s declining birthrate is another issue that endangers its ability to thrive economically.

This week’s “Two Meetings” of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People’s Congress (NPC) are carefully followed because they offer a preview of the direction China may take in the years to come.

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Chinese presidents had been barred from serving more than two terms since Mao Zedong. In 2018, Mr. Xi abolished this restriction, making him a figure with a reach unseen since Chairman Mao.

So, we are going to see some new powerplay in the Chinese government. Policy will not change, and China will run as it is running right now. But, we will see how the new premier interacts with the world, and how world reacts to him.

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