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What is a Micropreneur?

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Who Is a Micropreneur?

Micropreneur is a person who starts a small business, Micropreneur is the owner of the business who works with less than five employees or may not have employees at all. S/he is responsible for all tasks and business activities, such as marketing, payroll, meetings, budgeting, etc. If you are one such person, you are a Micropreneur.

Being a Micropreneur is enjoying the profession you like. The small business operation and its full attorney power allow the passionate Micropreneur to enjoy the work they love. If you are also a Micropreneur working towards an end, the success of the business relies on your entirely. Recruitment of the new employees and delegation of tasks does not suit you because you can do them all yourself.

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Can Micropreneur Expand Business and Become a Large or Medium Business Owner?

Operation of the small business interests the Micropreneur. So, they do not have the business expansion plans in the near future. Micropreneur works from their home instead of paying the rents and expenses of handling a formal office space. Besides, Micropreneur does not invest a good amount of money into their business venture. They are named Micropreneur because they make money from small businesses and invest back into the business to earn more savings.

What is the Field of the Micropreneur?

There are many ways you can become a Micropreneur. If you rent out your apartment or rooms at the Airbnb, you would be termed as the Micropreneur. If you sell your expertise and skills on the Freelancer, you would also be rightly called the Micropreneur. Working as a tutor, life coach, photographer, blogger allows you to become the Micropreneur also.

Business Ideas for the Micropreneur:

business ideas for the micropreneur

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There are many small ideas that a Micropreneur use to make money. Here are some of the low-cost startup ideas:

1. Instagram Influencer

Becoming Instagram Influencer is the best low-cost business idea. To charge for the posts, you require the 5,000 followers. If you exert strenuous efforts and use your knowledge, you can achieve the milestone and become a successful Micropreneur.

2. Uber – Share a Ride Service

The share services of Uber are the most convenient to make money while you go to your office or another destination. You reach the destination as well as make a good amount of money by giving a ride to an Uber passenger. You would invest fuel, time, and car to get to your office. So, why not using it for making extra dollars?

3. Dropshipping at AliExpress

You can create accounts on the AliExpress Shopify for creating your shop online in a matter of a few hours. You create an inventory of your product by offering the products to the consumers. For just $5, you build the digital shop. Then, you are all set up ready to serve the customers.

One of the greatest things about this idea is that it works worldwide.

4. Sell e-Books Online

This is ideal for intelligent folks who love to read and write. As a writer and passionate reader, you can write about the emerging trends or things that people are searching for on Google and Amazon. This will get sold and invite customers in large numbers.

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5. Freelancer.Com – Best Platform

Freelancer is the platform for the Micropreneur where they can start their small business. Micropreneur sells their skills online for making money. Micropreneur can make money by writing, designing graphic pictures, writing spreadsheets, photoshopping images, etc. Thus, Micropreneur makes money online.


Micropreneur is a person who makes good money out of a small business idea. There are many small ideas that a Micropreneur use to make money.

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