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Tezos Enters a Partnership Deal Worth $27 Million With Manchester United, While Baby Doge falls behind Hoffenheim.

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EPL giants Manchester United are set to make public their partnership with Tezos, one of the prominent blockchain platforms in the virtual currency industry. Meanwhile, Baby Doge has also entered a partnership deal with Hoffenheim, the German professional football team.

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Tezos is a community-governed open-source platform that deals with crucial boundaries confronting adoption of blockchain for assets and serves as a platform for executing contracts. The energy-efficient and self-upgradable proof-of-stake blockchain designed to evolve has been gaining traction in past months and some even consider it to be more efficient than Cardano.

It runs on a proof of stake mechanism and also boasts of being able to execute smart contracts. Economic times recently added Tezos (XTZ) to a list of tokens that are considered to be Ethereum killers with new and consistent development going on in the blockchain, it is set for an indefinite upward trend.

Manchester United has announced a landmark partnership that will see Tezos, one of the world’s most advanced and sustainable blockchains, featured on the club’s range of men’s and women’s training kits. Manchester United fans through this partnership will be introduced to Web3 technology. Tezos is presently leading the global blockchain revolution which enables secure, efficient, and faster digital integrations in the absence of intermediaries. Manchester United is big on global warming and was among the first clubs in the world to launch a carbon reduction program in 2008 and has since then, reduced annual emissions from its operations by 2,700 tonnes. As an original proof-of-stake blockchain, Tezos design was that of efficient energy use that enables it to operate and run its business operation in an environmentally friendly and cleaner way compared to other blockchains. Hence, it aligns with Manchester United’s green principles.

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Manchester United’s partnership with Tezos also features several latest fan experiences established on the Tezos blockchain. This is also a promise to support the Manchester United Foundation with the currently running donations in Tezos native token dubbed as Tez.

Partnership Tezos blockchain

The CEO of partnerships and alliance of Manchester United, Victoria Timpson also talked greatly about the partnership. She affirmed that the partnership is an exciting and huge one as it aligns the club with one of the reliable, sustainable, and most advanced blockchains in the industry.

Tezos’s head of business and adoption and development Edward Adlard also noted that the club has continually evolved courtesy of the support it received from partners and worldwide community fans. He added that Tezos will allow the club to make use of web3 and blockchain tech to transform the players, fans, partner engagement, and team as a whole.

Tezos have invested hugely into sports sponsorships in the past. In fact, Redbull racing around May 2021, made an official announcement about partnering with Tezos making it an official blockchain partner. A month later, there was a similar declaration by McLaren Racing and the Tezos network was leveraged to launch McLaren’s NFT collection.

Tezos is not the only one making big moves as Baby Doge, the Shiba Inu and Doge-inspired coin has announced its partnership with a German football club – TSG Hoffenheim. The professional football club confirmed in a statement that Baby Doge will enter an official partnership with the club and will collaborate with them to develop club-specific NFTs. The deal also includes promotional materials as well as co-branded content.

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TSG Hoffenheim also took to Twitter to make this announcement, stating that Baby Doge will collaborate on developing club-specific NFTs. The partnership is set to focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for TSG Hoffenheim fans, the soccer club in a public statement said that the collaboration also includes kep promotional materials such as LED advertising at the edge of the pitch at all home games, including other co-branded content and wide-reaching advertising tools.

TSG’s CEO Denni Strich told the public that they are excited to be partnering with Baby Doge. In her words, “TSG Hoffenheim is more than excited to collaborate with such a leading and innovative brand like Baby Doge. She went ahead to say that they are really looking forward to the success of the partnership, which will allow both parties to create NFT collections both from other remarkable projects and the club” The deal is a clearly a win for both parties but most especially the Baby Doge community as they expand their reach and digital presence within the industry.

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