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12 Successful Women in Tech

Female engineers posted their photos accompanied by the hashtag in order to counter the assumption that all engineers are men and look like Mark...

7 Ways Women in Business Can be Authentic as a Women in Leadership

Women in leadership positions are often told to behave in ways that are viewed as more masculine to be successful. But it’s not that...

The Top 10 Qualities of a Good Leader

There is a wide range of opinions regarding the top qualities of a good leader. What is clear is that, among the many identifiable...

21 ways to become a better leader today

It doesn't matter if you are running a business, managing a team, or teaching a class--leadership skills are important. Some people seem to be...

15 Of The Most Inspiring Women In Pakistan

Pakistan has many immensely talented women working both at home and abroad to make the country and the world a better place. We have compiled...

How To Become a Great Team Leader ?

1. Provide purpose: Everything starts with Vision You cannot have a real team without one because people will not find the desire to achieve the...
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