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How to Find Mentors and Advisors for Entrepreneurs

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Good mentors or advisors can help you to solve complex problems through several brainstorming sessions. A business mentor has a significant role in an entrepreneur’s life, especially those who are new and inexperienced. They act as support pillars to combat difficulties along with boosting your morale. All entrepreneurs need valuable feedback and suggestion from good mentors that will help their business to scale.

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Let’s find out.

Seminars and Events

One of the easy ways how to find mentors is to attend various seminars and events in your area. It not only helps you to find the best people for your entrepreneurship but also helps in expanding your networking channel. While attending these seminars and events, keep talking to a maximum number of people. Don’t expect to get the desired results straight away, but instead wait for the right opportunity.

Seminars and Events Mentors and Advisors

Additionally, you get to meet a lot of people in these seminars, you can even discuss your problems with these people. Who knows, someone might have a better solution to solve your problem.

Social Media

What can be a better way to find a good mentor or advisor for your entrepreneurship? With the rapid popularity of technology, connecting with the outside has never been easy. Social media platforms are the best ways to connect with a good mentor or advisor. You can even use Twitter or LinkedIn to connect with them.

Taking the help of social media platforms it becomes relatively easy for you to decide the best person for your business. Just stay relaxed and start introducing yourself before diving directly into what you want from them.

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Contact Small Business Development Centers

The sole objective of these development centers is to offer a wide range of solutions to upcoming entrepreneurs. They offer their services in resources, funding, expert advice, and tips. Their network covers all the important cities in the US. Moreover, you can find your ideal business mentor through these important business centers.

These business development centers operate by using the funds of the local, state, and federal governments.

Industrial Conferences

Attending several industrial conferences is also a great way to find a good mentor. You need to keep information about all the upcoming industrial conferences, exhibitions, or events that are held in your region.

Use these platforms to learn about their experiences that will provide some helpful tips about your business.


Engaging yourself in volunteering activities can surely help you to find a good mentor for your entrepreneurship. Volunteering helps you to connect with a wide variety of people along from adults to college-goers.

Moreover, when you establish connections with people that range from all walks of life, you will learn and experience many things. Although it might not be related to your business, you may get to learn how to deal with life’s actual problems.

Besides, it will help you to enhance your reputation in society along with adding your valuable contributions.

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Friends and Family

Friends and family are important for everyone in this world. So, if you are wondering as to how do you find mentors? Are there any better ways to get one other than friends and family? Friends and family can help you to since somebody or the other has a better connection for your business.

They will not only help you out to solve the query but also support you to make your business thrive. Connections that are made through family and friends are usually trusted, and hence you can rely on them.


Hope this article may solve your query about how do you find mentors for your entrepreneurship journey. Remember one thing, nobody in this world can fight alone, so go ahead and consult with one of them.

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