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Latest Technological Trends In The Online Casino Industry

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The online casino industry is always evolving and staying current with technologies that can enhance player enjoyment of online casino games. In fact, online casinos pretty much go hand-in-hand with the history of the Internet, as some of the first online casinos were launched in the mid-90s when the Internet was becoming mainstream. And more are launching all the time, in fact, you might even be interested in how to launch an online casino in 2021.

So online casinos have a long past of staying on top of the latest technological trends, and in this article, we’ll example the technological trends that the online casino industry is expected to utilize the most in 2020 and beyond.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality technology aren’t just for hardcore video gamers, as the tech has gone mainstream with many different applications. Of course, virtual reality is being adopted into the online casino industry, with numerous casinos offering VR poker rooms and slot machines.

You can play VR-enabled slot machines like Gonzo’s Quest VR on Casumo, for example, and there are also entire VR casinos where you can actually “walk” around the casino and interact with other player’s avatars, though those are few and far between. Creating entire virtual reality casinos is mostly a niche, so many online casino operators are gradually adopting more casino games that are VR compatible instead.

Augmented reality will also be a possibility in the future. AR applications in the online casino industry are currently a bit limited, but we will see casinos adopt the tech similar to how they’ve been adopting VR once it becomes feasible. At that point, you’ll be able to play a game of Texas hold’em at your kitchen table with the virtual cards overlaid on reality.

Blockchain technology and customer privacy

Online casino industry: blockchain technology and customer privacy

While the mainstream still associates cryptocurrency almost exclusively with Bitcoin, the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is very useful for online casino operators, both in terms of financial transactions and overall security.

Blockchain technology itself utilizes a range of security features including time-stamped records, non-editable data blocks, and decentralized networking, wrapped up in cryptography. It’s just about impossible to ‘hack’ a blockchain network if you think about hacking in traditional terms. However, there are ways to compromise blockchain security, such as the 51% attack method.

To date, only smaller cryptocurrency networks such as ETC have suffered “majority attacks”, but it’s never been accomplished on larger networks such as Bitcoin.

In any case, blockchain technology offers greatly enhanced security to online casinos, and many online casinos are incorporating the technology into their operations, most notably in payments. Blockchain pays out in faster and safer contracts than fiat currencies, and players also enjoy more privacy such as not needing to register their banking information with a casino website when making deposits or withdrawals.

All of the information in a blockchain network is stored in nodes, and the data is disseminated across many different nodes and must be pieced back together with cryptography. Imagine it like putting your bank account number on a piece of paper, then shredding that paper into 100 pieces and giving one piece to 100 different people.

Blockchain technology has been around for a while, and a growing number of online casino operators are embracing the technology for players to make deposits and withdrawals.

Live dealer games

Casino players have been flocking to online casinos in droves and tourist hotspots for casinos like Las Vegas have been seeing record drops in tourism, especially during the global pandemic of 2020. For casino players who prefer interacting with live humans and not 2D avatars, there’s been a huge increase in the number of online casinos offering live dealer games.

It’s really quite simple, and many online casino players appreciate being able to interact with a human croupier via livestream webcams, as well as the satisfying thrill of watching a human actually deal out your cards.

Machine Learning and AI to Improve UX

User experience is very important for online casinos, and both AI and machine learning help immensely.

For example, AI chatbots are becoming smarter and able to solve customer queries better. Human presence may still be required to address complex customer concerns, but overall, properly trained AI chatbots can solve many customer questions and complaints, reducing an online casino’s overhead and increasing customer satisfaction.

AI is also being used in overall casino security, such as fraud prevention and detection. It can also be used to help detect cheating, such as players using software to play a game for them based on statistical probabilities. An AI can monitor a player’s moves and decide if the player is making questionable actions, such as suddenly making big-risk bets that aren’t in line with their past betting strategies.

Overall, AI has many uses in the online casino industry, so you can expect more casino operators to integrate AI with their operations.

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