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Latest Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know

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Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the way how organizations conduct business and customers’ shopping patterns. It has become important for businesses, be it big or small to adopt digital environment to survive and succeed. This, in turn, is found to have impacted significantly digital marketing strategies. 2021 is not much different from last year and the future also is more about adopting digital technology. With companies moving online, it has become the new norm for employees to work from home remotely. If your SEO is not working for you, Implementing the right digital marketing trends will allow your business to survive, retain existing customers, gain new ones and generate revenue.  Check out the best webinar platforms list from webinarcare website.

Top digital marketing trends to know

1. Reducing social media platform usage:

The truth is new social media channels are introduced very other minute. But they cannot be expected to become hot favorites among millions overnight. Developing new, unique business-relevant content for each channel is just impossible and will involve lots of time, effort and money. Rather, you should focus your effort in sustainable ways. Prioritize your social media efforts and dedicated resources towards your set strategy. Promote your brand on those channels where you can get more targeted audience.

2. Allocate budget to develop new audiences by creating cookieless awareness campaigns:

Shoppers received plenty of retargeting ads during lockdowns displaying deals and offers on their expressed interest and browsing history. New products were perhaps beyond their imagination. Some users do not seem to like sharing their data, even trivial ones. Customized ad use cookies can tack user behavior. Accordingly, users can be targeted, thus being excellent solutions for e-commerce stores. But targeted ads promote products that customers are already aware about and like. NPAs (non-personalized ads) can help develop brand awareness. Products that were previously unknown can now be shown to new customers, thereby increasing potential customer base. Moreover, you should be able to reach those who block cookies. You should continue testing as well as evaluating a wide range of channels and campaigns. Implementing the top trends in digital marketing will allow you to stay on top of competition.

3. Interactive content:

Users are found to spend a good amount of time browsing the web daily. You need provide them with a valuable experience. Try to connect with your potential and existing customers through interactive content. It promotes both engagement and entertainment. Content marketing is rather one of the most vital digital marketing trends to implement to achieve business success. Focus on content personalization to improve more interaction. Some interactive content ideas to implement are:

1. Polls

2. Quizzes

3. Contests

4. Surveys

5. Games

6. Calculator widgets

7. Interactive videos

8. Giveaways

4. Social media shopping optimization:

Social media shopping optimization digital marketing trends

The pandemic has only witnessed people staying indoors and spending more time on different social media channels. This means, you can derive more opportunities to close a deal if you promote your products/services on different social media platforms. You are sure to find your targeted uses here. The shoppable posts make it easy for them to discover new things. For users, what is important is facilitating discovery, payment, personalization and delivery. Being one among the top trends in digital marketing, ensure that your brand is easily visible. It is not just enough to open up a Prestashop, Woocommerce or Shopify store.

5. Voice Search:

It has been around for over a decade now with Siri making the first appearance. But its importance has only seemed to increase manifolds in recent times. Several devices have been introduced lately like Alexa and Google Home that has managed to invade the living space. Using voice search to request information is becoming a fashion these days. Approximately 20% of all search queries made in Google are voice based. You should optimize your content to include voice search to achieve success.

Hence, implementing the top digital marketing trends is sure to help your business to sustain and overcome competition.

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