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Keeping Your Office Tidy And Clean To Boost Productivity And Calmness In The Workplace

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When you’re at work, you want to feel relaxed but productive at the same time so that you can complete your tasks accurately and efficiently without the risk of burnout. Although it might seem unimportant, having a neat working environment can make a world of difference in how you approach your tasks. But if you’ve let things get out of hand and your desk is a bit of a mess, you’ll probably require a cleaning strategy to help your office return to a clutter-free, tidy state. Here’s how to start.

Remove surplus

Before beginning to clean, it’s essential to declutter first. Doing so will remove all unnecessary items that have accumulated over time. Clutter includes all dried-up pens, papers, and documents in your drawers that are no longer relevant, unwanted business cards, and litter such as used coffee cups. It’s common for these things to gather around. You might say that you’ll throw something away but then you start working on a new task, and you forget about it altogether. When you get ready to go home, you tell yourself you’ll throw the stuff away the following day, then forget about it, and the cycle repeats itself. Removing all these items isn’t just for aesthetic purposes but also to prevent bacteria buildup that could contribute to unpleasant odors.


In the case of cleaning and organizing problems on a broader scale, you will probably need help from a professional service that offers office cleaning in Dubai. A team of experts can deal with all areas of the workspace, including the carpets, flooring, cabinets and drawers, windows, washrooms, and all the furniture. For individual desks, the employees must be in charge of some of the cleaning as well. Make sure to sanitize your own space regularly as well. Keep some cleaning wipes on hand as well. While you shouldn’t use them for regular cleaning, they can come in handy when you’re dealing with coffee or tea spills at the desk. Even water can stain and damage surfaces if not removed immediately.


Having a snack while working

Having a snack while working is a great way to boost your energy levels and give yourself some much-needed fuel to carry through with your projects. Since you want to choose something that is both filling and nourishing, you’ll probably go for veggie chips, popcorn, protein bars, Greek yogurt, dried fruit, rice cakes, granola bars, crackers, trail mix, fruit, or dark chocolate. But no matter how careful you are, it’s still very likely for spills and crumbs to get everywhere. You have two options: you can either stop eating at your desk altogether to minimize the mess or clean right away. You can even get a napkin and keep your eating strictly to that area to prevent crumbs from getting all over. Don’t let stains linger on your desk for too long, as they can attract insects and other pests.

Constant effort

To become more proficient in the workplace, you need to become more experienced. You achieve this through constant work, trial, and error. The same mindset applies to the cleanliness of the office as well. After decluttering and doing a deep clean, you must aim to prevent the same situation from reoccurring in the future. The only way to do this is to clean regularly, at least once a week. To make things easier, take ten to fifteen minutes every Monday or Friday. Both can prove to be an incentive for you to start and finish cleaning. On Monday, you come from the weekend with fresh energy, while on Friday, you’ll feel more compelled to start your free time knowing a clean desk will wait for you at the beginning of the next week.

Developing a cleaning routine can be difficult in the beginning, but it will grow into a habit after a couple of weeks. It is also much simpler and less time-consuming than cleaning a lot all at once.

Floor cleaning

Keeping flooring clean and free of debris is crucial not just for hygiene but also for personal safety. Anything that’s on the floor, including cables, files, and spills, can become a potential slipping and falling accident. It also makes the entire office look shabby and unorganized. Carpets and rugs tend to gather dust, so they must be vacuumed regularly. Floors should be mopped to remove any additional debris as well. Germs and pathogens can develop on floors and be carried into your home on the soles of your shoes. To make sure the office remains hygienic, carpets should be cleaned using steam and also shampooed to avoid becoming a hotbed for nasty bacteria that can make people ill.


Some documents are essential and cannot be disposed of even when they start to fit the criteria of clutter. However, since you most likely don’t need to use them at all times, they can be archived for safekeeping. That will keep them away from the working area, but ensure that you can always reach them when you need them. It’s the best of both worlds, as you keep your desk clean and clutter-free so that you can concentrate on your tasks with no distractions without sacrificing the quality of your work. Digitalization is the most obvious solution. Creating a virtual archive of all the documents and files you need also ensures that they will never become lost or damaged, and there’s no risk of them being altered or modified without your consent.

The devices

All the devices you use as an office worker, including keyboards, laptops, headphones, computer monitors, and all other electronic equipment, must be cleaned regularly as well. Dust can infiltrate through the small areas and cause the devices to malfunction from the inside. Using some sanitizing wipes will also remove fingerprints and any other stains that can form over time.

Having a clean office takes a little bit of effort, but that doesn’t make it any less rewarding. You’ll notice that when your desk and surrounding areas are clean, you can focus on the task at hand much better, and your productivity will be boosted. You will also feel much less stressed and better equipped to handle daily work demands.

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