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Kaaruka – A Fresh Clothing Brand for the Art Buffs!

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Targeted at women as a brand of premium clothing products, Kaaruka ( meaning A Heavenly Piece of Art) derives its name from the Hindu Goddess Durga. The niche of high-quality and expensive clothing, despite its exclusive or minority affordability, is desired by a large portion of the Indian population. Clothing depicting art is deemed aesthetically pleasing, and a market exists for people who have a choice for such clothes. Moreover, these potential customers understand that this niche suffers from high prices, with prices proportional to quality. And with the ubiquity of social media and the luxurious lifestyle portrayed and accessible to people, the demand for luxury products is soaring rapidly. The company’s mission is to close this market gap by providing high-quality aesthetic clothes for women.

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The company’s target market consists of women. The products, although premium, are still made as affordable as possible. The underlying philosophy is creating a brand identity of story-telling through clothing articles. Such branding was envisioned to allow customers to feel strong, confident, and optimistic about themselves. The company is constructed on the belief that a better body image perception leads to confidence and feeling better. The company makes unique prints that have incredible artistic value. The designs are created to convey a story with a theme. And like any good artwork, the design needs to be seen keenly for its meaning and substance deciphering. The company makes every clothing in this way. In its marketing, the company proudly claims to sell art, stories, ideas, and culture represented through merchandise such as T-Shirts – inspired by Bobby Hundreds.

“The more distracted people are by what you wear, the less they notice what you do or say. The more impressed they are by your clothes, the less they question your credentials and capabilities. It’s terrifying how much power clothing can have. Fashion is about who you are and who you want the world to see. Clothes are the first point of contact between people to form opinions. Suppose this power can be turned into a positive state of mind. In that case, it will teach us to believe in ourselves and become confident about our decisions so we can finally move on from our own insecurities and talk about the real problems in the world and how to solve them.” 

“After all, the question still remains. If not us, then who? 

If not now, then when?

Empower yourself and raise your voices for something bigger than you. Show yourself to be As Unique As You Are”

Kaaruka started its journey in January of 2022. The relatively new company was introduced to the world through Instagram. The online shop on the social media platform paved the way for developing an independent website within a few weeks of its inception. The company started online because of the ubiquity of digitalization. The brand is a new choice for influencers, which have helped spread the word about the company’s unique products. Moving forward, the company intends to bring in some unique printed co-ord sets and some of the Y2K fashion trends with modifications. The company also intends to make space for the art buffs in the form of an interactive gallery experience a few years down the line.

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Kaaruka was founded by Bhumi Chaudhary, aged 24, who is a Business and Mass Communication Major. Utilizing her family background in the clothing industry, Bhumi worked in her family’s manufacturing unit to gather experience for the clothing products. After accumulating sufficient knowledge and experience, she launched her own private label. Before entering the family business, Bhumi worked for a beauty company as a Marketing Manager for a year and studied Luxury Management at Bocconi University. She has also worked as a journalist with The Times of India for a brief time. All these skills and expertise, combined with her unique vision, enabled the young entrepreneur to successfully launch her own unique brand of T-Shirts depicting artworks.

The customers consist primarily of women aged between 16 and 35 with a taste in fashion, design, art, and people who appreciate quality products. The feedback for the company’s product, so far, has been very encouraging and promising. All new customers have particularly liked the quality, the unique prints, and the entire packaging experience.

“We invite everyone to understand and resonate with our ideas. We take pride in the way we make all customer interactions personal. Every print and design has a concept and a fascinating story behind it, and we love to share that with our customers every time they place an order.”

The company is not currently looking for investors as they are still trying to build their brand and a community of followers and loyal customers. They would be looking for investors once the brand is a year old with a more substantial presence over the social media map.

Message to your customers and viewers:

“If you’re a lover of fine taste, art, and luxury and enjoy a good story, you can count on us to fulfill that. Like we said earlier, it’s not just about the products or profits for us; it’s about the entire experience – from packaging to wearing the clothes with confidence.”

To demonstrate what the company is about, there is a picture attached of its bestselling print – The Hariti Crop Top

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The story behind the print:

“Part of one of the three blessed fruits in Buddhism – The Pomegranate represents fertility, abundance, and prosperity. Buddhist legend tells of how Lord Buddha gave the demoness Hariti, who ate children, a pomegranate to eat to cure her dreadful urge. In the artwork, you can see the woman (Hariti) with a pomegranate in her mouth.”

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