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Jigsaw Trading Platform – Key Features Traders Should Know About

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In the dynamic realm of financial markets, having a robust trading platform that equips traders with the right tools and insights is vital. One such platform that has gained considerable attention is Jigsaw Trading. With its innovative features and a focus on empowering traders, Jigsaw Trading has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing the way people navigate the complexities of modern markets.

This article will delve into the key features of the Jigsaw trading platform, exploring its potential to transform trading strategies and enhance engagement with financial markets. Given that there are many traders out there who already know the essential functionalities of Jigsaw Trading you should also have a clear view on how this platform can help to improve your performance.

Jigsaw Trading Platform Overview

Gone are the days of relying solely on observing price movements and hoping for profitable trades. Jigsaw Trading sets a new standard by offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance decision-making, optimize risk management, and improve overall trading performance.

At the heart of the Jigsaw trading platform lies its intuitive order flow analysis, providing traders with a deeper understanding of buyer-and-seller interactions. The platform offers invaluable insights into market transparency by dissecting order flow and presenting real-time heat maps and depth-of-market visualization. This enables traders to make informed, data-driven decisions with increased accuracy and confidence.

Moreover, Jigsaw Trading goes beyond order flow analysis, providing dynamic risk management tools and trade evaluation features. These capabilities enable traders to stay ahead in the volatile world of finance, allowing them to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions and make calculated moves.

Daytradr and Jigsaw Bridge™

Daytradr, the trading platform developed by Jigsaw, offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the needs of active traders. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, it empowers traders to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the financial markets with ease.

Online Jigsaw reviews already discussed the main Daytradr features and the ones standing out are the following:

  • An intuitive order flow analysis
  • Depth-of-market visualization
  • Dynamic heat maps
  • Advanced charting tools
  • Risk management features.

You should also know about Jigsaw Bridge, a tool designed by the company to bridge the gap between popular trading platforms and Jigsaw’s advanced order flow analytics. This plug-in seamlessly integrates with NinjaTrader, Sierra Chart, and MetaTrader 5, as well as MultiCharts.NET and MultiCharts.NET SE.

Jigsaw Bridge ensures reliable connectivity and data synchronization, ensuring that traders receive accurate and up-to-date order flow information. This reliability is crucial for timely decision-making and executing trades efficiently.

What Are the Main Features You Should Know?

What are the main features you should know

In an environment where Jigsaw has to compete with Bookmap, TradeStation, Coinrule, or FlowTrade, access to the best trading features out there becomes paramount. The Jigsaw trading platform introduces users to an interesting pack of benefits, all of which are meant to provide traders with unique insights into the latest market conditions.

Depth & Sales

A proprietary interpretation of the Depth of Market (DoM), Depth & Sales is a tool you could use to see the interaction between limit orders and market orders. Traders rely on it to understand how market participants are constantly adjusting exposure. At the same time, you can see:

  • How trades are impacting the market
  • Stop orders location
  • Price areas where traders are stacking (iceberg) and front-running the market, anticipating the price to hold
  • Balance of trade/momentum
  • Alert column for pre-market notes
  • Order queue position.

Traders can also use Depth & Sales as the main order entry tool with one-click trading, auto order types, volume-based stops and other automated exit strategies.

Auction Vista

With a detailed view of both real-time and historical order flow, Action Vista is considered an accurate tool with limited settings required to juice the most value from it. In terms of its key functionalities, you should know about:

  • Market Depth visualization
  • Large trade circles
  • Trade from chart
  • Depth histogram, flip charts, cumulative delta, etc.

Trade Simulator

Learning to trade effectively is a process that generally takes study, hard work and dedication until you are able to reach your goals. The first step is to gather market information and understand how the industry works. There are many reliable educational courses out there, teaching beginners how to trade in order to achieve consistent results.

Once you understand the basics, developing skills will require practice and at this stage, there are ways to do that, without having capital at risk. Trade Simulator is a tool designed by Jigsaw to help you learn how to trade, while also providing a realistic view of how market and limit orders will be filled.

Pace of Tape

PoT,or the Pace of Tape, is a smart gauge designed by Jigsaw to provide an easy-to-absorb view ofthe market’s pace of trade, relative to recent historical averages. Traders look for new opportunities around key support/resistance levels and in order to have further confirmation that the price is about to turn around these areas, they should also see changes in the order flow.

Using PoT is helpful when assessing the strength of a price pullback, probabilities of a breakout above/below an important zone and also trade management. Institutional day traders use these approaches almost every day. Jigsaw is considered one of the best day trading platforms for beginners because it manages to deliver easy-to-use tools such as PoT.

Learning to Use Jigsaw

Sincenot all traders already use Jigsaw, the company assembled a generous package of educational resources and useful tools. Access to 10+ hours of order flow theory, explanatory videos, volume profile analysis and risk management do stand out.

Independent, Professional and Institutional are the packages provided by Jigsaw, each including a pre-set list of features and tools. Those choosing the Institutional package are the most favored, considering they are the only ones having access to institutional training, which helps them learn how to trade with price and order flow strategies. Additionally, they benefit from 12 monthly group sessions.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Jigsaw Trading platform presents a robust set of features designed to equip traders with the necessary tools for well-informed decision-making in today’s dynamic markets. With its advanced depth and order flow analytics and user-friendly interface, Jigsaw Trading caters to both beginner and seasoned traders.

If you’re looking to enhance your trading strategies and gain a competitive edge it could be appropriate to explore the possibilities offered by Jigsaw Trading. Take the opportunity to maximize your potential and stay ahead of market trends. Click here to discover the benefits of the Jigsaw Trading platform today.

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