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Initiative taken by Trump to Expand Drone flight program in the U.S

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The result of initiating the drone test program to support a government and commercial sectors by Trump, Americans could look out the flying drones around their communities.

A go-ahead sign is given by President Trump on Wednesday seems to increase the number of unmanned aircraft flights. Many of the drones organizations or individuals were facing barriers to implementing their drones for the government or private sectors. These barriers would flatten by the recent presidential memo and the selected drone operators could be able to take the clear way to test their drones.

The selected organization or individuals would execute a trial program in association with government and private sectors. The administration pre-determined to approve at least five applications without the joining limit of the communities that can join.

Each program would be investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA would hold the right to grant exemptions in the pre-existing rules such as flights over people, nighttime flights, and flights beyond the line of sight of the drone operator.

The testing applications comprise the package deliveries, Data-Link reliability between the air vehicle and the ground control station, collision avoidance technology to avoid the collisions between the drones and the manned aircraft and drone detection technology to detect the drones in restricted areas.

Michael Kratsios of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy told reporters in a conference call that the purpose of the trial program is to collect the data regarding the drone operation that will help to government officials to develop a separate air traffic control system for low altitude unmanned aircraft.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said that the purpose of this program is to encourage technological innovation that has the potential to change our everyday existence. Another sentence added by her that during an emergency situation such as a natural disaster, drones can be considered as a life-saving tool.

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