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Indian Government Taking Measures Against The Illegal Casino Apps

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The gambling industry is thriving in India, the numbers are there for everyone to see. With a market as big as this, it is no wonder that every gaming company wants to be present here. Since the gambling industry is extremely competitive, companies use any means necessary to attract players, and sometimes they go too far. It is the government’s responsibility to protect its people from harm and fraud that illegal casinos can cause them. It is not easy, but the year 2023 is bringing new measures to battle fraudulent behavior and illegal casinos. The latest decision to ban a high number of casino and betting applications is showing that clearly.

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The Necessity for Government Measures in the Battle for Consumers Safety

Players are happy seeing the offer of gambling sites and applications and the great deals they offer. But not all of them are aware of the threats some of them pose. It is not their fault, as they are very well hidden. For example, in February of this year, upon the investigation, the Indian government decided the ban of 144 casino apps. Blacklisted apps included some popular names in the gambling industry. This shows that the government spared no one in its battle against illegal betting and protection of the Indian consumers. This represents a clear intent to create a safe environment for Indian players.

Issue With Banned Apps in India

Indian players should not worry, there are still plenty of apps that offer them a chance to have fun. The problematic ones came from app stores that are not mainstream digital distribution services like App Store or Google Play. The apps that were prohibited all came from China, and that scenario is an ongoing issue. To safeguard Indian consumers, the prohibition was implemented. To make sure they are not victims of a scam, gamblers in India must adhere to legitimate stores and distributors of casino applications. In that way, they are certain they are getting safe offers. Nevertheless, it is a good thing that the fraudulent apps were noticed and blacklisted.

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What Is the Problem with Chinese Casino Apps?

What Is the Problem with Chinese Casino Apps Gaming company

The problem that lies behind the banned applications is in the operation that runs in the back of them. Following an examination, it was shown that there was a strong connection involving the advertisement of betting apps to users who were eager to take out loans and generate debt and the lending apps themselves. In that way, the Indian players were in danger of indebting themselves with loans that possessed astronomical and outrageous interest rates. They realized that some of them charged interest with rates of over 3.000 percent on small loans. Truly a scam that was elaborate but luckily caught on by the officials. Another great catch was the fact that some of the blacklisted apps were an imitation of the more famous brands in the industry.

The History of Issues Between the Indian Government and Chinese Apps

This is just yet another incident in which the Indian government is placing bans on betting or other harmful apps that originate from China. They even banned TikTok videos on occasion, as that company is having legal problems. The Ministry of Home Affairs issued an urgent directive to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology which is responsible for the matter at hand. That came into effect a couple of months ago, in February, and stated that apps will be blacklisted and prohibited due to their harmful nature to the Indian players. It was stated that this issue is threatening the national security and sovereignty of the country and must be dealt with by appropriate national bodies. The content they had was illegal and in violation of Indian gambling laws and as such unacceptable.

Affect on Indian People by the Harmful Apps

The operations these people were carrying out behind these harmful and now banned apps were even more dangerous. As further investigation showed, there was a problem with the invasion of players’ privacy through the use of the apps. The software was designed to take private information from users and manipulate it to generate illegitimate income. That information was sent to the other businesses to provide seemingly attractive yet harmful offers to the gamblers. They would offer exactly what was needed to the person with extortionate rates that needed to be paid back. It went even further, as they took private images that were used to blackmail the people who couldn’t afford to pay back the loan.

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The Further Measures That Indian Government Is Enforcing and Creating to Protect Its People

The ban on the aforementioned apps is not the only thing that the government is enforcing as a safety measure in terms of gambling in the country. The current year is exciting when we are talking about the innovations in this field. Guidelines were created and announced about creating Self Regulating Bodies, responsible for overseeing gambling in the country. Restrictions are placed on gambling advertisements throughout the country. The problem originated from companies abroad that were promoting their content in aggressive and harmful ways. All kinds of media were asked to refrain from running betting website commercials. An amendment to an existing law that included guidelines for this specific subject was issued. This was also enforced on promotion as a separate problem from advertising. Indian government tackled the issues separately but with the same goal – the protection of its people.


After everything that has been said and done, we can only come to the conclusion that people are fortunate this operation was recognized and forbidden. It is the responsibility of every gamer to make sure that he is gambling on the best casino applications or sites in India, that will offer great deals but also work within the gambling laws in the country. They need to make sure that the casino is respectable and honest, but it is reassuring to know that the government has the same goal. These measures and the ban on the casino apps that were enforced are just a piece of great evidence for exactly that. Every gambler can enjoy their favorite casinos in India, knowing that he is safe.

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