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Incredible And Versatile Universe Of Styles A Pixie Cut Offers

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There are many reasons why some ladies prefer pixie cuts to all the other styles. The thing is that apart from the fact that the range of possibilities to give a try is almost unlimited, there is also a list of ultimate advantages that the cut comes packed with. Starting with additional volume for those with thinning hair and ending with a bolder vibe for those who are seeking the edgy style, all are covered by an individual pixie style.

Inspired by LoveHairsyles, we decided to research the field of opportunities that a pixie cut is said to present, and we must say that the result turned out to be more than satisfying. We offer you a chance to join our journey into the pixie fashion world!

Vital Factors to Consider Before Committing to a Pixie

Even though we would like to dive into the pixie universe straight away, there is a list of crucial factors to consider before you make up your mind to commit to the style.

1. Even the longest pixie is far away from belonging to the list of long hairstyles. That is why if you are uncertain as to whether you will regret the hair length loss, it is advised to wait a bit and think over all the pros and cons. Once you opt for a pixie, growing the long mane may take a while!

2. Any pixie is indeed a true masterpiece when cut by a professional. However, regular touch-ups are required to keep the masterpiece looking its best. If you are still determining if you can afford to visit the hairdresser every three weeks or so, it is best to reconsider the commitment.

3. Pixies are a breeze to style, which is a huge advantage if you are always pressed for time.

4. Pixies are like a fountain of youth, keeping you looking younger for a lot longer

Vital factors to consider before committing to a pixie pixie fashion world

Uneven Pixie

Some ladies face the issue of thinning ends. Things like that happen due to excessive coloring, heat styling, or any other hair damage. One of the surest ways to get rid of the issue with style would be to opt for a stylish pixie, an uneven one, to be precise.

Wavy Pixie

There is a popular though misleading assumption that pixies are too daring and edgy, and there is a slim chance to look gentle and feminine with a cut like that. We can assure you that you can look as elegant and gorgeous as you like if you choose to experiment with a wavy pixie. If your hair is naturally wavy, the remarkable effect will double without additional time or effort spent in the process. In case that is not an undoubtful benefit – we do not know what is!

Spiky Pixie

There is a simpler way out for those of you who can’t wait to let that inner rebel out without putting on a pair of ripped jeans and a leather biker jacket. All you need is a well-cut spiky pixie and a fair share of styling, and you are ready to rock and roll!

Bob-Like Pixie

Sometimes you may doubt whether the cut will suit you the way you imagine it. If you are still deciding whether to commit fully to the style, you can try a mixed combo of a classy bob and modern pixie. Bob-like pixies are designed to maintain that fragile balance between too edgy and utterly elegant.

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