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How Was Ludo The Last Resort Of Entertainment During The Pandemic?

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Ludo is one of the most popular games in the world today. Going beyond the reach of simple board games, it’s now playable via online interfaces and apps. This easy game governed by your reflexes and player strategy has been designed for fun and rest, bringing families or groups of friends around one device to keep them in contact. From its roots to current implementations and complex processes, ludo keeps evolving with new rules and escapades fit for all ages!

The pandemic brought stress, boredom, and anxiety with itself. With schools, colleges and workplaces closed down; it was difficult for people to find something to keep them occupied for long hours. Read this article to discover how ludo was the last entertainment resort during the pandemic. By the way, one more indoor game that people can enoy at home is a set of Winmau Dartboard and darts.

Online Version Comes With a Twist

The current version of ludo is different from the standard game you used to play with your friends during weekends and holidays. Over the years, players have been making changes to make the game exciting and perfect. What captivated me about ludo is the shared board game on several websites that provides an opportunity to make games available for players, whether it be single or multiplayer mode. The online ludo game became very popular during the pandemic because people could play with their friends at home instead of going out and facing pandemics in real life. The number of active users increased significantly until only a few months before everything was declared safe.

Great Time To Bond Over Family and Friends

Great time to bond over family and friends ludo game

Ludo is a great game to bond with your family members and friends. While children were being home-schooled, ludo is a fantastic board game that teaches them valuable lessons. It is also a great way to bond with your children and join them in friendly banter and competitive games. Even more, online ludo has made things more accessible for many people. If any family member is infected and in isolation, the other can connect over online ludo and make the person feel better and keep them occupied. You can even invite your friends if you can’t meet them frequently and have a gala time. The next time your kids are bothering you, download ludo game and keep them occupied for hours!

A Game Of Skill

Ludo teaches you another critical lesson: sometimes, one can win a ludo game without relying on opportunities or good fortune. If you have both opportunity and luck but no skillset to back them up, chances are; your opponents will beat you just the same. On the other hand, if you have the skill but no chance or luck to rely on may as well not play. It’s essential to have both the opportunity and skill to conquer ludo. The game teaches one to learn from mistakes while also harnessing wisdom and knowledge when trying to accomplish something – especially when you have set goals like winning a ludo game!

Teaches Life Lessons

There are many reasons why ludo became so popular during the pandemic. One of the key reasons is that it presents a realistic interpretation of how we can deal with various specialized scenarios and interact to accomplish the best end-goal possible, even amidst dire circumstances. Though it may seem like a simple board game at first glance, there’s more depth to this game than meets the eye. Think about it this way: To win at the game, you’ll have to play some pretty intelligent moves while also taking on characteristics of someone versed in clinical medicine who knows how to think ahead. This mindset is precisely what most people needed during the pandemic to cope with the hard times!

Flawless Interface

An expansive game library and support for multiple platforms make it easy to get hours and hours of fun playing games with gamers from all over the world. Initially, ludo was a board game that wasn’t all that popular. However, kudos to the developers for managing so well to turn this offline game into an online mobile version with every aspect of the game played out perfectly on your mobile devices and appealing to plenty of players who enjoyed playing with their friends and family members as they were able to play their favorite board game online when they had nothing better to do. These online versions of ludo managed to keep people occupied for hours when they didn’t have anything better to do and could play their favorite board games while keeping in touch with others in one way or another.

Play Together

The online version of the game is the best way to play the ludo with people from around the globe and even better with family members or friends. It’s so much fun to relive the experience of playing with your close circle of relatives – even more so since you can enjoy the game together online! Here you have an ideal chance to gain some experience and brush up on general knowledge about how to play a game before you venture into live face-to-face contact games.

The online version of ludo lets you play with up to 4 to 6 players. Not only that, but you can also play with your friends and family members! As per the board game edition, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to play the game as a whole. Some people find it overwhelming having new information thrown at them all at once, so this way, you can build your knowledge over time with each match! It’s also an excellent chance for healthy competition between friends or family members for that added extra challenge.


Some people might find it surprising how ludo became such a popular game during the pandemic, but ludo was more than just a game for those who know about it. Back then, players participated in this elaborate competition as friends and family members and used it as one of the few remaining ways to connect. Many players still play their favourite game online every day with their former comrades as a means of staying in touch.

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