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How to Wear a Sporran: A Complete Guide to the Traditional Kilt Accessory

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A sporran is a bag carried over the shoulder and an aid of a kilt that can hold different items. It was derived from the Gaelic word meaning purse and was utilized by Scottish men during the early 18th century. The sporran is a bag that is worn in conjunction with a kilt. it is used traditionally to carry things like cigarettes, money, personal items, and other tools. It has been in use since the 1600s, and it was first employed for Scottish Highlanders. The sporran has now become one of Scotland’s iconic fashion symbols in the world of fashion and can be found on a variety of famous faces like James Bond, Harry Potter, and King James IV of Scotland.

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This guide is to aid you to understand the pouch you wear by a kilt and how to dress it to ensure it looks good and stays put!

Wear Sporran The Best Accessory for Scottish Men

Nowadays, wearing a kilt that has an open pouch is thought of as a fashion trend. However, it’s actually an old custom that dates back to the past in Scotland. Also, it was worn by males in other nations however, how did this custom come into existence? The story of the old Scottish scarf is complex and is often overlooked. There are numerous theories about how the concept of the sporran first came into be, however, it is widely believed as a garment worn by males in the past. According to one theory, they were initially worn by hunters to transport their kills returning to their homes. To their clan members who lived in the Highlands. A different theory states that they were utilized by shepherds to transport their fleeces back to the farm, on which they lived. The kilt sporran was initially an item to be worn on the upper thigh, similar to armor or underwear, but it eventually changed and was slung around the waist to form a part of outdoor attire. It is believed that it originated by carrying fleeces or animal pelts, with sinew strings tied around them to protect them.

Wear Sporran The Best Accessory for Scottish Men Traditional Kilt

There is a Scottish legend that claims that bagpipes were performed during a celebration, and the kilts of one piper were suffocated with dust. This meant that it was not able to continue playing for a long time. When he took off his kilt, he found two white pouches that were positioned on his hips. As a result of this, the majority of men in Scotland began incorporating kilt pouches into their regular mens kilt outfit as a fashionable accessory. It’s not just an accessory for fashion, but also a practical one, as it is a place to keep small objects that can be utilized anytime.

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The Best Way to Style Your Kilt Your Sporran

When you’re sporting men kilts, it’s crucial to understand how to put on your sporran when you wear your kilt. The method you place your sporran is contingent on the kind of sporran you wear. If you wear a single-loop one, you need to wear it at the waist and let the length hang to between your legs. If you are wearing a double loop one, it is recommended to be worn at the waistline and tied into the front part side of your shirt.

The sporran must be directly on top of the kilt when worn correctly. It should be integral to your Petticoat – usually, it is placed on the crotch area. It is required to be placed just beneath the petticoat but at the same time, never complete contact. The sporran is positioned with three fingers away from your belt’s clasp your belt and then 4-5 inches from the top of the skirt.

The Best Way to Style Your Kilt Your Sporran Traditional Kilt

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To ensure that your sporran is giving off the appropriate vibe, you can define an upward line down your dress. It is suggested to make this a bit fanciful however unless you want to start an upcoming trend. The line should go through the buttons on the petticoat as well as the tie or necktie the sporran, as well as the belt clasp on the Kilt. The best tip is to ensure that the chain lashes are placed on the top of the clasp on your belt and not below. If you make this mistake, you could see you losing your bag or kilt during the event!
Should you have any questions regarding how to dress in the correct kilt or sporran you can ask us!

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