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How to Start a Tattoo Business – Equipment You Need

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Tattooing is a work of art. If you plan to start your very own tattoo shop, there are certain things you should take into consideration. You will require to have the right equipment, the right setup, and also the right training. Tattooing is very popular in many regions in the world and is present in many cultures.

In order to become a tattoo artist, you will have to enroll in an apprenticeship program for tattoo artists. It may take around a year or two to complete it and could be expensive too. During the program, you will gain the experience that you would require to become a tattoo artist. You will then require finding a suitable location for your tattoo shop. You can setup a shop where there is a lot of pedestrian and automotive traffic that will increase the potential of walk-in customers. For inspiration, check out Melbourne tattoo removal center. They are constantly investing heavily in their business and marketing even after they have a stable customer base.

Purchase all the right tattooing equipment that you would need. In this article, we will discuss the right tattooing equipment you would require to have in your tattoo shop.

Tattoo machine

Tattoo gun

The most vital equipment for tattooing is a good tattoo machine. Tattoo machines are also called tattoo guns. They come in three forms: one for black and grey shades, another for lining, and the last one for color shading. For beginners, go for steel or aluminum machines as they are easier and lighter than iron or copper alternatives.

Your tattooing skills can best be put into practice only if you have the right tattooing equipment. The right tattooing machine helps you to produce quality work. Tattoo guns come in two types: rotary and coil. Both have unique characteristics. The most common one of these two is the coil machine. It comes in three kinds: color packers, liners, and shaders. It is easy to customize and regulate. It can be more easily controlled because of its weight and has a quicker completion time. The rotary machine is a kind of a machine type classic in nature. It can be handled easily and is lightweight. It causes less hand and finger cramping. It is also much quieter than the coil machine. It won’t require you to change machines for shading and lining.

The most vital thing when using this equipment is that you should remember that you should be comfortable while using it. You should be able to move it and hold it without straining yourself. Many tattoo artists have both coil machines as well as a rotary machine in their tattoo equipment to enable easier switching.

Power supply

To have your tattoo machine running properly, it has to have the right tattoo power supply. A tattoo gun can operate using its own power source, but plugging it into an external power supply will help you to tattoo at a faster and steadier rate. Almost all tattoo artists consider external power supplies as an essential part of their tattooing equipment.

In power supplies for tattooing machines, there are wireless, digital, and analog power supplies. Accessories available are footswitches, RCA chords, and clip chords. Accessories depend on what kind of tattooing unit you have. Make sure you check with the vendor before making one for your tattooing equipment.

The Tattooing Chair

A good tattooing chair is required for every good tattoo shop. Suppose your clients feel problems at their neck and back while you are giving them a tattoo due to a poor quality chair. Then you won’t be able to give them a quality tattoo. The quality of a tattoo chair is a major factor in getting a quality tattoo.

Modern chairs come with comfort that will never make your customers feel uncomfortable. They are exquisitely wrapped silky leather and have soft foam for that pleasant touch. They are easy to maintain and clean too. The design of modern chairs is such as to keep in mind the user’s comfort. They have an adjustable motor to change the height, and they also have a comfortable footrest. The movement of the chairs is noise-free.


Needles are basically of five different kinds: magnum, flat, turbo, round, and turbo. Needles are one of the essential components of the tattooing process that will govern the quality of work done.  There are special kinds of needles, too, such as textured needles, bug pins, and cartridge needles. When choosing what needles you would require for the tattoo supplies, you have to keep in mind what you will use them for. Most of the needles for tattooing come in shader and liner variants. Some needles are more suited for certain kinds of art. This all depends on what type of tattooing art you would specialize in.

You also need to think about the sizes of the needles you will be using. Larger sizes are good for shading, while smaller sizes are preferred for the lining. With the right needle type, you can create quality tattooed art more efficiently.  To be safe, you must have a variety of tattoo needles in your supplies.

Tattoo Ink

Some tattoo artists make their own tattoo ink, while most tattoo artists prefer to purchase them. They buy a full set needed for their supplies. This enables them to have a wide range of styles that they could use using the colors that they have. If a tattoo artist has good ink in his tattoo machine, he can cater to more clients and meet the demands of various requests. When buying tattoo ink for your supplies, it is wise to purchase a varied set. This is because different brands have different pigmentation. Depending on the age of the tattoo ink as well, you will get a different shade.


Stencils help create tattoos more accurately and faster. They also eliminate potential that occur during tattooing by giving proper alignment and also act as a guide for details that are basic. Using stencils helps you use your creative skills and create a tattoo; that’s exactly how your client wants it to be like.

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