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How to Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

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The process of selling a commercial property can be long and arduous. Commercial properties typically sit on the market longer than their counterparts in the residential sector. Fortunately, there are several effective methods commercial property owners can use that will increase the likelihood of selling the property, at an optimal price point in a shorter amount of time.

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Here are five effective ways to sell your commercial property fast:

Set Your Asking Price Appropriately

Property valuation services can provide accurate estimates of the maximum amount you should list your property for and offer strategic advice on how to market it. Pricing a commercial property too high will not only diminish its appeal but also lengthen the time it takes to sell it. When setting a price, as the owner, you should always consider the importance of ensuring the asking prices are based on comparable sales of similar properties from recent months.

Utilize Social Media

If you’re not using social media to its fullest extent when marketing your commercial property, then you should immediately change that. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have become crucial advertising tools for all types of businesses since they allow owners to target their audience with ease. Social media allows users to track the success of their online campaigns, and learn about the habits of customers who visit their profiles.

You can utilize similar strategies when selling a commercial property by creating an appealing profile that features lots of images of the property. Include information about what types of businesses it’s best-suited for, and why people should purchase it, so future buyers will be curious enough to request a showing. Utilizing social media during the listing process will attract more serious buyers who are more likely to make a fair offer.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items in the Property

Set your asking price appropriately

When Cincinnati commercial real estate companies are trying to sell a commercial property as fast as possible, you must take out anything that isn’t necessary for its intended use and clean up the place to look attractive to buyers. You want future buyers who come through your space to envision themselves working or living in there, not wondering why they’re looking at displays from previous tenants. Removing decor items and cleaning up will help potential buyers envision their business when settling in such prime real estate.

Ensure You Have All Paperwork Together & Ready to Go

Many owners forget to get all paperwork together and ready for the new buyer. This includes ownership papers, permits, and certifications that will impact their future business operations. Not having this paperwork ready can scare off serious buyers because they will worry they’re going to have to spend extra time and money getting necessary permits. Also, having incomplete or misrepresented paperwork is a huge red flag for future buyers because it can lead to legal battles once the sale is completed.

List the Property in For Sale By Owner Websites

Listing your property on one or several FSBO websites will allow you to advertise your commercial property for sale faster since it broadens the pool of possible buyers and helps determine the market value of a real estate in a specific area with ease.

For Sale By Owner websites have become a popular choice among commercial property owners looking to sell quickly because they are open to all types of buyers. Since these sites do not charge a fee to post properties for sale, they allow owners to list their spaces at the lowest possible price to attract more serious buyers.


To sell commercial property faster, you must do as much research about your real estate market as possible. Learn everything you can about the area surrounding your building and what types of businesses would be best suited for your space. You should also utilize social media during the listing process, have all necessary paperwork together and ready for the buyer, and list your property on For Sale By Owner websites. This will maximize exposure and bring in more serious buyers who will make a fair offer right away.

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