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How to rectify a broken or chipped tooth?

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Unexpectedly chipping or breaking a tooth is a frightening experience. Anybody can end up with a dental accident irrespective of oral health. If you discover yourself in such a situation, you must first contact a dentist. A broken or chipped tooth may cause injury and lead to permanent damage.

Here are some critical things you must comprehend if you chip or break a tooth.

  • Rinse your mouth with water immediately.
  • Apply pressure to stop bleeding and call for assistance if the problem is excessive.
  • If you see that the tooth has come out ultimately, you can preserve it in saline solution, milk, or water.
  • Apply a cold compress to relieve inflammation and pain.
  • Go for over-the-counter medication for relieving pain and easing discomfort.
  • Reach out to a dentist as fast as possible for necessary treatment.

Rinse your mouth with water

Immediately after breaking or chipping teeth, rinse the mouth with lukewarm water to keep the area clean. Rinse it thoroughly with water so that there is no dirt or blood. The broken part of the tooth that may be there in your mouth will come out with a quick rinse. It will prevent further damage to other teeth if you accidentally bite on them.

Apply pressure to control bleeding

If the accident has resulted in oral bleeding, it is significant that you apply pressure on that area with the help of gauze or a clean towel. It will control the bleeding and limit the risk of gulping excess blood. Be careful not to irritate or scrub the area because it may result in excessive bleeding or pain. Hold the towel steadily on the gums or tooth, and do not move your hand. If you get excessive bleeding, call for emergency help from a local dentist. Remember that the injury may take a severe turn if you keep it unattended.

Preserve the broken tooth

If the whole tooth has come out of your mouth, preserve it as fast as possible.Your emergency dentist from Elgin can help you save the tooth or replace the same. When you get the tooth, rinse it with water, and preserve it in saline solution or milk. If you do not have these options, conserve the tooth in normal water. Do not delay in reaching out to the dentist.

Visit the dentist as fast as possible

Visit the dentist broken tooth

Coming to the most vital part of the treatment, you will have to reach out to your dentist at the earliest possible time after breaking or chipping a tooth. Even minor fractures or tooth displacement may severely affect your oral health. Only a trained and experienced dentist can handle these emergencies. The dentists at Dublin Dental Care are well prepared to assist you immediately and give you the best treatment possible. If you preserve your tooth in saline solution, milk, or water, your dentist may salvage the same and get it back in place with the help of dental equipment.

Choose from the available options dental filling to the dental crown and root canal, depending on your condition. Your doctor may choose a dental veneer, dental implant, or dental bridge based on the state of your oral health.

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