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How to Rack Mount a Desktop PC?

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Special metal constructions from durable metal allow accommodating different types of network apparatus. Usually, servers, patch cords, switches, and other computing equipment are housed inside. Yet, most kinds of server furniture imply a place for accommodating a PC. So, let’s find out all the advantages of this option and consider how to rack mount a PC.

Benefits of PC Racking Mounting

The main advantages of mounting the computer into the rack include:

1. Hardware protection:

When a computer is stored inside the cabinet, it is protected from all sorts of external impacts, such as accidental or intentional damage and environmental changes;

2. Cable management:

All wires are reliably connected, routed, and secured. Labeling, gathering in bundles, and coloring are the most popular techniques to manage dozens of wires.

3. Airflow management

Proper conditions are created and maintained inside server cabinets. Network equipment emits lots of heat during functioning, which can result in overheating. Thus, system administrators pay particular attention to maintaining proper environmental conditions to prevent hardware damage due to temperature or humidity.

4. Dust accumulation:

A built-in fan system tends to accumulate dust, which leads to the risk of system breaking and malfunction. Putting the PC inside server furniture will help avoid system pollution and prevent it from debris piling inside the apparatus.

5. Better space ergonomics:

Putting the apparatus into the rack allows leaving space on a desk or in a room for other things. Thus, efficient space allocation is achieved.

All the devices are stored in one place, which makes it convenient to maintain the system and keep all elements of the system in order.

So, accommodating the computer inside a server cabinet is a brilliant idea that allows achieving better ergonomics, securing the device, and preventing many problems during operation. If you want to find a server rack for sale, visit this website. Here, you’ll find a wide assortment of models to any demand.

The Size of Server Rack Required for Accommodating the PC

Mounting the computer into the rack

When picking an appropriate model to rackmount desktop PC, it is important to know the dimensions of the required model. Keep in mind that the size of server cabinets is measured in U, where 1U is 1,75 inches. So, when picking a suitable model for mounting the computer, note that 1U or 2U won’t be enough to place a big computer.

The minimum size of server furniture to accommodate the PC is 3U. In this case, the computer is placed vertically. If you use a bigger model, such as 5U or 6U, then a lot of free space will be left inside the enclosure, which provides an opportunity to house several computers or add other devices.

Note that it is also important to measure the required depth. Devices are mounted on special shelves inside the cabinet. Thus, make sure that a shelf will fit the depth of your server furniture.

Options for Rack Mounting the Computer

There are two possible options to house and fasten the computer inside server furniture. These are:

  • horizontal mounting;
  • vertical fastening.

The first option is perfect to save space and ensure compact fitting into the rack. Most desktop PCs are designed to fit a standard 19” rack. Thus, their width is no more than 17.7” inches.

The second solution is used to mount devices that exceed 17.7” in width. In such cases, computers are fastened reliably with special fasteners. Two devices can be installed nearby.

Accessories to Rackmount the Device

When dealing with the installation of the computer, additional accessories may be used. They help simplify mounting or other related processes. These include:

1. cable management arms:

Server systems have hundreds of wires that interconnect devices within one system and connect the system to the power supply. If system administrators do not organize wires properly, they will likely tangle. Thus, it is easy to get lost in wires when searching for the needed cable when it comes to maintenance. Cable arms are special tools that allow for managing wires and avoiding tangling. This is a convenient and easy way to keep all cables structured and labeled. As a result, this accessory simplifies the maintenance process.

2. A front stop bracket:

When the shelf is taken off sharply, it can lead to movement or breaking due to falls. The bracket is a special metal construction that prevents the PC from slipping or falling when the shelf is moving out of the cabinet.

3. A transport strap:

Server cabinets allow transporting systems without disassembly. Yet, it is necessary to ensure proper device fastening inside server furniture. A special durable strap fixes the apparatus during transportation and prevents it from being damaged on the road. The accessory reliably tightens the PC excluding the probability of moving and damaging other components of the system.

The PC is a device that controls the work of the system and provides users with important data on performed processes. Usually, it is located separately from other equipment. Yet, modern models of server furniture allow placing computers inside enclosures and storing all the devices together. This solution has a lot of benefits, with the main one being the increase in system productivity due to the creation of optimal conditions for effective performance.

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