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How To Promote Your Cannabis Business

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Cannabis companies must navigate an interesting and unique set of obstacles, to market their business. This is due to a variety of legal restrictions, which don’t permit you to tap into all the traditional avenues.  There are useful options though and you won’t be breaking any laws!

Creating blogs, podcasts, webinars, and articles to share via social media platforms and other apt online locations, as well as advertising on third-party websites, is some of what is worthwhile considering. Developing strong relationships with others in this industry may also reveal further advertising channels and a source of future clientele.

Create a great website

Whether you have a physical land-based store or not, you will also want to create an online presence. This serves a variety of purposes, including, launching your brand, developing its credibility, strengthening relationships, boosting your reputation as an authority and it is, of course, a tool for generating sales. The best cannabis companies and head shops like Grasscity, have great websites where you can easily browse through different categories of products, and you can take a look here. You can find everything from cannabis buds to devices and accessories listed clearly.

And none of this will be worth much if you don’t carefully attend to the visual and copy content of your site. Unless you’re a website developer, you should seek the expertise of one. They understand not only how to showcase the essential information about your business in a clear, concise, and pleasing manner, but perhaps more importantly, they know that without quick loading times, a safe sales payment process, transparent policies, etc. a prospect will leave your site within seconds.

Get reviews from customers

Tips to promote your cannabis business

As a customer of numerous products yourself, you will well know the value of good reviews and similarly, how useful you find reviews reporting on bad product or service experience. They very often inform your decisions. Requesting reviews from customers within an appropriate number of days after their purchase should be a standard feature of your business operation. The reviews should reference different elements of their experience. One may speak to the user-friendly nature of your website. Another, your excellent after-sales service. Prompt response to queries and efficient delivery timelines will also add strength to your status as an excellent service provider.

Set up a social media account

The number and nature of online networking destinations, and the consistent increase in the number of people around the world who are making use of them, are quite simply staggering. Creating an online presence on one or more is a must. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok are key players in this space. Each offers something slightly different. Some have a greater focus on visuals and videos. Some include functionality for lots of copies. Here, you not only share diverse bits of information, but you encourage and receive responses directly from the consumer. This is pure gold. It is quick, easy, and incredibly cost-effective.

Make sure you have proper licensing

It should go without saying, that all the above is moot if the country in which you reside hasn’t legalized cannabis. Also, not all forms of cannabis sales require a license. Make sure to establish with your authorities what license you are required to secure and get this under your belt first. It would be a pity to spend time and energy on building a business, only to be denied a license. Your license number or if applicable, a license logo, should feature on all your documentation. This will provide some level of instant comfort for a client.

While your options may be limited, there are more than enough ways in which you can let people know that you exist and are open for business. Prepare an integrated plan across the platforms you have selected. Don’t be afraid to walk away from any one of them if they don’t serve your needs. Ensure captivating and diverse content, consistently! Don’t be all about business only. A few moments of vulnerability, where you share personal snippets of your journey, will endear your clients to you.

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