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How to Prevent and Handle Presenteeism in the Workplace?

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Presenteeism in the workplace refers to being present during sickness. It is an act of being at work with ill health preventing them from being productive. In the workplace, Presenteeism is not new; many people with splitting headaches also drag themselves to their workplace.

Ways to Prevent and Handle Presenteeism in the Workplace

Provide flexibility in working hours

Organizations schedule standard working hours as 9-5 schedule. It results in inconveniences a lot to employees. Employees working here may have to handle personal responsibilities, like dropping kids at school. The only facility a provider in the workplace can do is permitting them to report later. It will be helpful for the employee to manage his responsibilities and to compensate for the lost hours by working later. Thus, it assures financial security, as well.

The goal is to offer flexible hours, allowing employees to manage their personal needs. This way, it saves employees from long hours working, just as they attend to something personal taking a small break.

Promotes open communication

Providing managers with adequate training helps in identifying workers who feel unsafe and put in extra hours of work due to anxiety. Managers receiving training learn to promote open communication with employees. The employees feel free to speak about any affecting issues than suffering in silence.

The employees communicate freely, and it works as an employee wellness program, resulting in good productivity. Besides, if they need sick leave, they will immediately try to recover fast and report back soon. The employees take essential steps to communicate, and as managers, you can curb any arising issue.

Promotes open communication  employee wellness program

Stay alert for causes

The demands of high workloads hinder employees from taking time off even during high needs. It is because of the deadline worries that they overburden themselves in the absence of their co-workers.

Here the managers must stay alert to the organization’s work demands and related stress. The managers should communicate and support the employees by offering workplace flexibility. Promote the positive practice of working using soft skills and focus on well-being.

Give some time off to employees

Giving employees some time off or allowing them to take some time off is a way of relaxing their minds. They should not face any strain of pay cuts for not working or taking time to relax for a few minutes. If there is financial security, employees will take time off and work happily.

Give enough sick leaves

Providing your employees with sick leaves is vital. It shows your concern for them and their well-being. Employees who know their sick leave will go unpaid will be present at work, no matter if they are sick. It is presenteeism, but will not be productive, as the employee is sick and unable to work.

Recognize the symptoms

The health problems of employees need attention. The employees should feel comfortable disclosing this to their manager. Managers must notice symptoms of employees experiencing mental or physical stress.

The managers should be open to supportive conversations about their health. The employee wellness program is a way of educating about physical and mental health issues. This workplace awareness and training will reduce stigma and offer a better understanding of well-being in the workplace.

Follow a presenteeism-free culture

Adopt good practices in the workplace. Follow a presenteeism-free culture. It eliminates the fear of communicating with a senior manager. Regular surveys promote productivity and well-being. Offering workplace flexibility assures the employees that they are valuable.

The managers can set an example by taking time off and sick leaves from work. It will comfort other employees to take leave if required. While the programs teach employees to increase their morale and feel appreciated.

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