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How To Prep Your House For Sale To Attract Buyers In San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio was a strong seller’s market for many years following the pandemic. However, with the rise of inflation and changes to the interest rates over the past year, this market has switched to a buyer’s market. Although buyers may have more control, you can still sell your home if you make it more appealing to a vast pool of buyers. Here are some ways to prep your house to sell as fast as possible in San Antonio.

Find a Top-Rated Local Agent in San Antonio

One of the best ways to ensure your house for sale as quickly as possible is to work with a top-rated agent in San Antonio, TX. Someone who knows the current market will be able to help you prepare your home and your listing to get as many buyers to view your home and purchase it. They can also offer advice throughout the selling process so you can close quickly and get the most money for your home.

Clean and Depersonalize

One of the first pieces of advice your real estate agent will likely give you is to clean and depersonalize your space. You can deep clean your home yourself or hire a local cleaning service to do the job. Additionally, you’ll want to remove excess furniture and decor from your property and keep only what’s essential. Make sure you avoid displaying personal items and focus strictly on decorating with neutral pieces so that buyers won’t be distracted during showings.

Focus on Creating a Fabulous Outdoor Space

San Antonio has great temperatures most of the year. So most homeowners want to get the most out of being outside their homes. One way to prep your house for sale, specifically in this market, is to create an inviting outdoor space for entertaining. Consider turning your simple patio into a full-scale outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens have a high return on investment (ROI) – upwards of 100 percent. So you’ll likely recoup your investment at the closing table.

Include a Dedicated Space for a Home Office

A dedicated space for a home office is another important focal point to include when selling your home in San Antonio. So many people work from home or hybrid after the pandemic. So many buyers expect sellers to have such a space in the house. Including this space in your home could recoup over $10,000 or more at closing.

Hire a Professional Stager

A professionally staged home tends to show better than one that is empty. This is because a staged home allows potential buyers to get a sense of how much space your home has. So when prepping your house for sale to attract buyers in San Antonio, consider hiring a local professional stager. You can find one by doing your own research or asking your real estate agent for suggestions.

Get Professional Real Estate Photos

After hiring a professional stager, it is also a good idea to immediately hire an experienced real estate photographer to capture great images of your home to display on your online listing. Beautiful photos can make all the difference since they will lure buyers to want to see your actual property. If your photographer can capture video footage of your home, this is also an excellent tool for helping your home sell in San Antonio.

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