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How To Pick A Crypto Trading Platform In 7 Easy Steps

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Did you know that there are thousands of new digital currencies being added to the domain every month?

Shocking, right?

But, it’s true, which is why you need to pick the right Crypto platform and start trading safely.

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If you open an account on thebitqtapp.com/de, you can get a step-by-step direction, which will ensure you gain a particular profit margin from your trading practices.

Therefore, today we will talk about picking the right Crypto platform in these easy steps. Stay tuned with us.

How To Pick The Right Crypto Platform?

Of course, you have to do your research before choosing the right Crypto platform, but that’s not all. You also have to follow a few steps to guarantee you a safe platform. So, let’s find out the steps here:

Step 1: Figure Out Your KYC Requirements 

Before transacting your Crypto coins, you must upload ID verification and address to comply with the global KYC rules.

According to several users, the KYC verification process at the Crypto platform, Binance can take almost a week to be complete.

KYC Requirements  Crypto Trading Platform

You may not want to wait that long for a KYC process to finish, which is why you should research the time and complications of the verification process of different Crypto platforms before choosing one.

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Step 2: Check The Different Modes Of Payment

Most Crypto platforms, like Bitcoin Apex, are used to accept payment via debit or credit cards only, but some have recently allowed UPI transactions.

Although Indian banking regulators have officially accepted Crypto, the payment mode is not that versatile yet.

Most Crypto platforms are used to accept payment via debit or credit cards only, but some have recently allowed UPI transactions.

So, you don’t have to go through the illegal routes of verifying your payment, and you can choose a platform that accepts all kinds of payment modes to allow as much flexibility as possible.

Step 3: Evaluate Their Selection Of Coins

Your profit margin can only maximize if your Crypto platform has many currency pairs to choose from.

Crypto exchange platforms such as Coinbase have thousands of currency pairs, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Shiba Inu, and Tether.

Instead of proceeding with two different transactions to sell one virtual and then get the other, these paired currencies enable direct swaps.

Step 4: Check The Fees On Crypto Exchange

The fees for exchanging on Crypto platforms are lucrative for an exchange, but if the fees are too much, it can be difficult for an investor, who doesn’t have a lot of savings.

From deposit to withdrawal, from instant selling and buying to futures trading, and from wallet transfers to lending/borrowing, Crypto trading platforms charge fees on everything.

They may charge a fixed fee or a percentage, with pricing ranging by user tier and liable to change over time.

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You must evaluate the pricing before choosing the right Crypto platform for you.

Step 5: Check Other Financial Services

Since a Crypto exchange’s core services are becoming commoditized, the better ones go one step further.

Welcome to the world of derivatives, which includes shorting, lending, leveraging, and NFT art sales if simple trading isn’t thrilling enough for you.

The Crypto platform, Binance, follows a derivatives trading protocol that is considered too precarious for some European regulators.

Check these services, and choose the right Crypto exchange platform.

Step 6: Assess Their Mobile Friendliness

If your Crypto exchange app is mobile-friendly, it will benefit people who don’t always have an access to a larger screen with enough room for a lot of detailed charts when they’re on the go.

For example, the Vauld app sacrifices many useful in favor of ease while using the mobile app. On the contrary, the CoinDCX app balances intricacy, and convenience easily.

You must check which app provides you the most convenience while Crypto trading before making a final decision.

Step 7: Follow The Trading Speed

Even if you consider the usual Crypto transaction hold-up, the speed with which all exchanges progress is an essential factor to memorize.

Trading Speed Crypto Trading Platform

When there is a frenzy of market activity and significant opportunities open up, the more extensive exchanges slow down, while the smaller ones just crash due to unexpectedly high traffic.

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Users have also discovered that they cannot sell but can buy during periods of high volatility, which the Crypto platforms claim is a manner of protecting their users.


Do these steps sound convincing enough?

If YES, follow them right away, and see what Crypto platform you land with. Once you follow these steps, you can always stay one step ahead of other traders because you will have the most chances of securing a solid profit margin.

For further questions, let us know in the comment box. We will get back to you with an answer.

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